Warning Signs Film

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Billy is a happy go lucky high school freshman. He’s an actor/singer/dancer starring in Lincoln High School’s latest musical and dreams of one day becoming a Broadway star — and he’s just talented enough to pull it off.

Set in fictional Carmichael, Texas, “Warning Signs” places openly gay teenager Billy Davis in dire straits. Although he’s a part of a loving family with supportive friends, Billy is now desperate, depressed, and sees suicide as his only option. What were the circumstances which brought him to this conclusion?

Darkness begins to consume the energetic youth as his once hopeful life falls victim to high school bullies, substance abuse, and adults who would rather look the other way. This film will explore whether or not those closest to Billy will recognize the Warning Signs in time. Will they offer him the helping hand he needs to realize this is only a temporary situation and allow him to continue pursuing his dreams?

Although this film is meant to be entertaining, the producers hope to enlighten parents, teachers, and peers alike in regards to this country’s ever growing epidemic of teen suicide and depression. Recognizing a bit of themselves or possibly their own children or students within this story, perhaps it could one day save the life of someone they love.

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