Upcoming Works

The Screaming Of The Trees – Release Date Pending

A Novella. I promised Death’s Head Press that I wouldn’t say anything about this. Nothing.

Home Sweet Home: Home Series Book 3 – Release Date Pending

Twin Oaks, Texas is at war! Taking place immediately after the Far From Home events in New York City, Katie Liberman has returned to rescue her birthplace from the clutches of her nemesis, Willow. As the paranormal battle of North vs. South rages all around them, the citizens of the tiny town must decide to fight against the odds or become one with the darkness. Blood will be shed and only one can survive as the final battle of the Home Series concludes.

Rekindled (Extinguished Book 2) – Release Date Pending

Synopsis: You Wish!

Cherish This Life – Release Date Pending

A Children’s Book Illustrated By Samantha Jean Cloud.