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  • Storm Blade/Boogie Wings Livestream!

    Storm Blade/Boogie Wings Livestream!

    A frantic little Saturday morning livestream with two of the most frantic shooters on the iiRcade system. Naughty language ensues. Enjoy!

  • Sir Love A Lot Livestream!

    Sir Love A Lot Livestream!

    Let’s play some games! Warning, this video is full of my kind of humor aka things you wouldn’t say in front of your grandma…unless she was a stoned cold freak!!!

  • Pay For Your Raising.

    Pay For Your Raising.

    The Gonzo Journals June 2nd, 2023 Today, we’re going to take a bit of a different tone and talk about mental health. Yes, everyone likes to talk about Autism and things along those lines, but I want to dive into something simpler. Something elusive. Something we were all exposed to or harmed by that no…

  • Kung Fu Master Livestream!

    Kung Fu Master Livestream!

  • Looking For New Metal? Follow 37 Souls on YouTube!

    Looking For New Metal? Follow 37 Souls on YouTube!

    Radio is a thing of the past and Spotify algorithms suck. Word of mouth is the only way to discover new metal nowadays. Give this a shot!

  • “Full Circle” chosen for PsychoToxin Press anthology 666 Flags!

    “Full Circle” chosen for PsychoToxin Press anthology 666 Flags!

    Yes, even though a personal situation started this whole fiasco, I still had to go through the approval process. No one wants to put less than stellar stories in an anthology, do they? No. They do not. “Full Circle” is about two friends, Joe & Anthony, who have been wronged by the Wolf’s Hollow theme…

  • Film Review: 65

    Film Review: 65

    In my opinion, Kylo Ren was the only good thing about the Star Wars sequel trilogy. A wannabe Darth Vader with Daddy issues? He was brutal! Did you know that he kept that burnt Vader helmet in a pile of his victims’ ashes? Yeah, Disney wasn’t cool enough to share that with us. Deep dive…

  • Available Today!

    Available Today!

    Shut Up & Bleed was released in paperback today featuring Katie Berry, Christine Morgan, Tim Curran, C. Derick Miller, Megan Stockton, B. L. Blankenship, Chuck Buda, Mawr Gorshin, Merrill David, and Jon Steffens!

  • Seriously?


    The Gonzo Journals June 1st, 2023 I have a lot to do today if I’m going to get Extinguished 2.0 released this month so I’m taking the easy way out regarding my daily post. This was some Facebook drama last night. I’ll never comprehend the nerve of some people. It has been brought to my…

  • Rising Hell Livestream!

    Rising Hell Livestream!

    Help me escape from the bowels of Hell! Ew, bowels. Poop demons. Ack! This game is fire. Pun intended.

  • Transparency.


    The Gonzo Journals May 31st, 2020 I remember a point in time when we, as a society, were surprised by upcoming media such as movies, books, and videogames. The internet was yet to be a thing, and we only saw movie trailers when we went to the theater to watch something else. If we were…

  • New TMNT Trailer Hits Hard!

    New TMNT Trailer Hits Hard!

    We’ve been waiting for this! The first time they’ve focused on the ‘teenage’ rather than the ‘mutant’, ‘ninja’, or ‘turtles’. Bring it!