Chad’s 45th Birthday Movie Bash!

It will be my birthday…but I’m giving YOU the gift! Wouldn’t it be nice to see a certain film on the big screen again? A little jewel from 1977? If you know me personally then you know what I’m talking about. Something with a lot of star power? I would almost fight in a warContinue reading “Chad’s 45th Birthday Movie Bash!”

Walking Dead Premiere!

Last night, I caught the Walking Dead premiere in the coolest way imaginable! I hosted a viewing party with Texan Theater owner Barbara Horan in Greenville, Tx! The turnout was amazing! Walking Dead trivia with prizes and watching it on a movie screen…amazing! Keep coming back to this website for future events like this. NextContinue reading “Walking Dead Premiere!”

Hump Day Happy Hour!

Musician Tommy Cross (8 Bore, Whiskeyhat) and I played the Texan Theater today for what they call The Hump Day Happy Hour! (The clock on the north side of the courthouse has been stuck at 5 o’clock forever therefore…it’s always 5 o’clock in Greenville, TX. If you can’t believe the courthouse…what can you believe?). IContinue reading “Hump Day Happy Hour!”

This Week, Greenville, Texas!

If you’re in or near the town of Greenville, Texas this week, I will be a busy little man! Wednesday September 19th at 5pm I will be appearing at the Texan Theater for the Hump Day celebration. Musician Tommy Cross and I will try our best to entertain you to give thanks for mid-week! SaturdayContinue reading “This Week, Greenville, Texas!”

Greenville, TX Walking Dead Premiere Party!!!

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Do you live near Greenville, TX? Want to watch the season premiere with other Walking Dead fans, play trivia, and dress like your favorite character? This will be the place to do it! Hosted by Texan Theater owner Barbara Horan and local author C. Derick Miller, the Walking DeadContinue reading “Greenville, TX Walking Dead Premiere Party!!!”