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  • Available Today!

    Available Today!

    Shut Up & Bleed was released in paperback today featuring Katie Berry, Christine Morgan, Tim Curran, C. Derick Miller, Megan Stockton, B. L. Blankenship, Chuck Buda, Mawr Gorshin, Merrill David, and Jon Steffens!

  • Shut Up & Bleed Releases June 1st!

    Shut Up & Bleed Releases June 1st!

    Are you guys ready for some down home old west goodness? Actually, goodness left this story a long time ago… The year is 1882, and Jacobia Childress is the best damned narrow-gauge fireman the cotton industry has ever known! A smoky blur between the Greenville gins and the Red River ports, his 2-6-0 Baldwin never…

  • Hellfire & Blood

    Hellfire & Blood

    Ready for the next adventure?

  • Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    2023 Is Shaping Up To Be An Interesting Year…