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  • 3rd Secret

    3rd Secret

    A new Seattle Grunge Band? The Reverend Reviews…

  • Farewell To Adam Bell

    Farewell To Adam Bell

    As every working musician knows, bands rarely remain the same for long, particularly when the members are “grown ups” – i.e., they have careers, families, and responsibilities at home. The more dramatic band break-ups among the “rock star” groups often make headlines with scandalous stories of disagreements between members or worse. But in real life, there…

  • Call Of The Wyldmon!

    Call Of The Wyldmon!

    I made my return to the newspaper this morning… Click the pic!

  • Music Review: 3 Blocks Away

    Music Review: 3 Blocks Away

    Disclaimer: There is an editing mistake near the beginning of the article. They call the band 3 Doors Down instead of 3 Blocks Away. An editing mistake, not mine. I’ve apologized a million times and I feel like crap. Regardless, these are the most talented young people I’ve ever met. Skip to page 30, enjoy…

  • November Happenings!

    November Happenings!

    The month of November is going to be a bit of a break for me! Yes!!! That’s a good thing because October handed my ass to me and December appears as though it will spank me like the bad boy I am. So…it’s not all bad. Here is a list of all the C. Derick…

  • The Son Of A Legend!

    The Son Of A Legend!

    I’m on Cloud 9 right now! On October 25th, I will have the opportunity to interview the son of a legend! Marty Haggard, son of the legendary Merle Haggard, is coming to my hometown to play a show! If you’re in the Greenville, TX area, come join me! Tickets are $25 in advance and $30…

  • This Week, Greenville, Texas!

    If you’re in or near the town of Greenville, Texas this week, I will be a busy little man! Wednesday September 19th at 5pm I will be appearing at the Texan Theater for the Hump Day celebration. Musician Tommy Cross and I will try our best to entertain you to give thanks for mid-week! Saturday…

  • Local Band Review – Nevermind

    Local Band Review – Nevermind

  • Concert Review – Lindsey Stirling + Evanescence

    Concert Review – Lindsey Stirling + Evanescence

    8.24.18 Dallas, TX Photo credit goes to Ryan Turner of Greenville, Texas. He had better seats lol Evanescence? Yeah, I’d heard of them. Fifteen years ago, I was going through a horrible separation and my soon to be ex wife insisted on playing one of their songs day and night in order to torture me…