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  • The Legend of Whitey

    The Legend of Whitey

    Once upon a time, there was a lucky mouse named Whitey. Not that the mouse arrived in my home with his own name, but I bestowed the moniker upon him for the simple fact he was white in color. Basic reasoning, same as for when you meet someone who smells ‘all the be damned’ and […]

  • Review: The Banshees of Inisherin

    Review: The Banshees of Inisherin

    Good morning, everyone and Happy ‘snowed in again’ Friday! I’m exaggerating. The roads melted yesterday and froze over again in the night. That’s what happens when the temperature gets below 32 degrees, and everything is soaking wet. Schools announced reopening yesterday and quickly changed their minds again this morning. Schools. You know, those buildings full […]

  • McDon’t-alds


    The family finally succumbed to cabin fever. It’s been a strange 72 hours in Dallas, suggesting the smartest among us stay indoors and avoid our annual ice storm for the sake of safety. Still, my wife is a businesswoman, and business must go on. For me, it’s been perfect. I managed to write over 100,000 […]

  • I Want to Love Star Wars Again.

    I Want to Love Star Wars Again.

    The Gonzo Journals February 2nd, 2023 It’s something that’s haunted me every day since December 18th, 2019. Not only was it my birthday, but it was the release date for Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker. Unknown to me at the time, I also had a horrible case of COVID before COVID was cool. […]

  • And Here We Go Again…

    And Here We Go Again…

    The Gonzo Journals February 1st, 2023 Well, it would appear as though the gatekeepers of the modern horror community have their latest target. Not that he isn’t worth being thrown from the Horror Writer Association’s balcony with a parachute pack full of silverware (think classic Bugs Bunny), but his demise is really bringing out the […]

  • Playing “Catch Up”: Saw 3

    Playing “Catch Up”: Saw 3

    The Gonzo Journals February 1st, 2023 I shut my cable off way back in 2015 and I’ve never returned. The country was knee deep in Donald Trump madness and there’s no way I was going to watch it all while keeping my sanity. I said goodbye to politics and couldn’t care less what happened to […]

  • The REAL Issue with Modern Slasher Films

    The REAL Issue with Modern Slasher Films

    The Gonzo Journals January 31st, 2023 Well, it’s our annual snow day here in Dallas. Everything outside is painfully white – just like our state government – and the kids are out of school. My wife is occupying the downstairs office (No, that’s not a sexual pun) while I’m pecking away upstairs (That’s not either) […]

  • Crazy Crap You Remember At 3am…

    Crazy Crap You Remember At 3am…

    The Gonzo Journals January 30th, 2023 Well, after encountering Bill and Hillary Clinton on a hiking trail rope bridge and meeting up later for 80’s style mall Glamour Shots, I decided that Melatonin was NOT my friend. Nothing against Bill, but that feathered boa just wasn’t “him”. Since this revelation, I’ve been lying awake some […]

  • Bill & Frank’s Amorous Adventure

    Bill & Frank’s Amorous Adventure

    The Gonzo Journals January 30th, 2023 I knew it was coming. I just knew it. I even held my breath until I witnessed the first social media post because I believed deep down that society wouldn’t let me die. I’m sick and tired of being right all the time. Last night, HBO Max premiered the […]

  • 9 Months Sober?

    9 Months Sober?

    The Gonzo Journals January 29th, 2023 Yesterday, I passed my nine-month sobriety landmark, and it didn’t even cross my mind! If I was the kind of alcoholic who attended meetings, I’m sure they would’ve reminded me of this and gave me some type of token or keychain. I’m not downing people who need this sort […]

  • Donald Trump. Modern Poet?

    Donald Trump. Modern Poet?

    The Gonzo Journals January 29th, 2023 So, according to dozens of examples I’ve seen throughout the last year, you can earn the moniker of ‘modern poet’ by hitting the enter key after every third word in your sentence. Congratulations, oh lazy artists of today, for figuring out the trick! Here I’ve been – along with […]