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  • Review: Knock at the Cabin

    Review: Knock at the Cabin

    I have been in love with M. Night Shyamalan since seeing Signs in the theater and then crawling around in a cornfield maze for a few hours. It was late, dark, and abandoned. That movie did a number on my brain, and I was waiting for someone or something to jump out at me. Dreading […]

  • Review: Orphan – First Kill

    Review: Orphan – First Kill

    The Gonzo Journals January 29th, 2023 First of all, it is IMPOSSIBLE to review this film without spoilers for the original film. DO NOT read this review unless you want to have the twist totally ruined for you. Trust me, these twists are worth it to the point that M. Night Shyamalan jerks off to […]

  • Review: M3GAN (Spoiler Free)

    Review: M3GAN (Spoiler Free)

    It’s nice to have friends. It’s even better when they’re twisted AF!

  • The Death Of Personal Choice

    The Death Of Personal Choice

    Review culture dominates social media…and it needs to go to Hell with a quickness.

  • Review: “The Menu”

    Review: “The Menu”

    A Full Serving Of Greatness…

  • Dawn of the Dead Fan? Click Here!

    Dawn of the Dead Fan? Click Here!

    Let’s talk…

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    The Reverend hits the nail on the head…

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper

    Want a good ghost-ish story?

  • Member Berries?

    Member Berries?

    I’ve noticed a lot of critics on social media and YouTube using the term “Member Berries” when referring to the recent Matrix and Ghostbusters films. Funny, but overly critical people normally aren’t that creative or organized (this is why they make a living bashing other people’s stuff) and I thought it was strange so many […]

  • Film Review: Mandy

    Film Review: Mandy

    First of all, I was going to review Halloween 2018 for the holiday. You can see those reviews anywhere. It was good. Happy? Now…let’s get to a ‘different’ kind of film. Mandy Directed by Panos Cosmatos (Beyond The Black Rainbow) Limited Release and Streaming Starring Nicholas Cage Synopsis: “The enchanted lives of a couple in a […]