I’m Flattered/Humbled/Blown Away By This Review!

Posted on September 23, 2019 by BIBLIOPHILIA TEMPLUMLeave a comment EXTINGUISHEDBy C Derick Miller I was hooked! Synopsis Angel Burns—a curvy, small town fire fighter with a mysterious past and a sharp tongue—has far more to worry about than her sexist jerk of a boss; she has a gang of demons out for her head. After Angel unwittinglyContinue reading “I’m Flattered/Humbled/Blown Away By This Review!”

Spooky Spectacle Next Week!!!

I know, it sounds like something from a Scooby Doo episode, right? Next week, award winning author Linda Anthony Hill and I will be peddling our wares in Ft. Worth, TX! Spooky Spectacle is taking place September 14th and 15th and is shaping up to be a major event with vendors ranging from horror toContinue reading “Spooky Spectacle Next Week!!!”

Personalized Extinguished Copies!

Only 5 left! The first batch is riddled with formatting errors but it doesn’t interfere with the read. Think of them as collector’s items! Autographed, personalized, and shipped to your door. $10 + $5 shipping. Yes, that’s cheaper than Amazon and those copies aren’t personalized. Contact me here, on social media, or through email atContinue reading “Personalized Extinguished Copies!”