The Year In Review

2018. Damn, what a mind screw. What I can remember from the beginning (which isn't much), started out just fine. I was in a strong relationship with a future and then the rug got pulled out from under me a couple of weeks in. Actually, I pulled my own rug. A decade of being a … Continue reading The Year In Review

Humility Comes In All Forms…

I woke this morning to a rejection letter for the first time in over a decade. The last time was my debut novel A Ghost Hunter's Journal in 2008 by Llewellyn Publishing. A big fan of all their paranormal and occult books, I figured I'd be a perfect fit. I figured wrong. Soon after that, … Continue reading Humility Comes In All Forms…

Extinguished: Out Of My Hands!

I received a nice little email this morning while hooked up to all kinds of good stuff at the hospital. Long story. The publisher has requested the manuscript for Extinguished and I delivered. I'll know something in a couple of weeks! Synopsis:  Angel Burns is a young fire fighter with a shrouded history. During a … Continue reading Extinguished: Out Of My Hands!

Extinguished Beta Review # 3!

Another beta reader finished and provided me with this little tidbit of praise! "The story follows a female firefighter and her struggle to find out who she is and where she came from. Her character is relatable and well described. Her relationships with the people around her are believable and add to her charm. The … Continue reading Extinguished Beta Review # 3!

Beta Reader Review # 2!

My newest novel, Extinguished, is completed and with beta readers!  "I had to go back and read the last chapter 3 times! I really enjoyed it; my only’s not long enough and/or you don’t have a 2nd installment ready. You have a remarkable talent of being able to transport your readers into the pages … Continue reading Beta Reader Review # 2!

1st Beta Reader Review!

I'm a happy writer! My newest novel, Extinguished, is currently with five beta readers. Tonight, I received my first review... "Oh. My. God. This novel hooks you and it hooks you fast! You can easily fall in love with all of the characters and feel their pain. As I read, I couldn't stop reading! I … Continue reading 1st Beta Reader Review!

Updated Beta Reader Response!

So far... "I love it...I am finding it difficult to stop reading it. I have had to be very disciplined (I set my timer on my phone); otherwise, I will just stay awake to finish it....very good & relatable characters, great development....just enough to empathize; but, not pity." I can live with this...

Extinguished – With Beta Readers!

In the moments of not being stalked by my ex this weekend, I sat in the studio and completed the second draft. I got it out to the beta readers late last night before drifting off to sleep and hope to hear something from them before the Thanksgiving holiday. Fingers crossed! Angel Burns is a … Continue reading Extinguished – With Beta Readers!


The first draft of my next novel, Extinguished, is complete!!! 4 months and 100,000 words later... Angel Burns is a young fire fighter with a shrouded history. During a routine night at work, she accidentally stumbles upon a demonic ceremony that brings her memories out of hiding…as well as her repressed supernatural powers. Angel soon … Continue reading Done!