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  • Grease Is NOT The Word.

    Grease Is NOT The Word.

    The Gonzo Journals March 30th, 2023 OK, let’s talk really random. I hate the movie Grease. I don’t care if it’s “the word” or not. It can officially fuck right off. I haven’t watched it in twenty years now, but I don’t have to. It’s stuck in my head for all eternity. Damn you, Greased…

  • The Boring Life Of An Assault Rifle

    The Boring Life Of An Assault Rifle

    The Gonzo Journals March 29th, 2023 Let me make something perfectly clear before you read any further. I am a super liberal married to a super liberal – socialist on the borderline of communist – who comes from a family full of liberal/socialists. We believe in love and rights for all. That’s correct. I said…

  • The Derpiest Derp Who’s Ever Derped.

    The Derpiest Derp Who’s Ever Derped.

    Like derpy snakes? Check this out. Like unusually intelligent mice? You might want to skip this…

  • Mirrored Life

    Mirrored Life

    The Gonzo Journals March 27th, 2023 Fog. I can’t seem to snap out of it this morning. Yes, yes. The coffee is well in hand and hotter than the fires of Hell, or so I’ve come to imagine due to decades of forced Christian dogma. I prefer to imagine Hell as less of a fiery…

  • A Podcast Without A Name S1E4

    A Podcast Without A Name S1E4

    B.L. Blankenship proudly presents: A Podcast Without A Name! The #1 Western Horror/Splatter Western/Weird West/Southern Gothic Podcast On The Rootin’ Tootin’ Planet, Dagnabit! This episode? Christine Morgan!

  • Everything’s Gonna Be All Right. Rockabye.

    Everything’s Gonna Be All Right. Rockabye.

    The Gonzo Journals March 25th, 2023 I normally don’t write on the weekends. Instead, I slip out of bed so my darling wife can get some well-deserved rest. Ah, how the mind wanders when you’re left to your own devices in a quiet house. Quiet outsides usually create internal arguments. Facebook memories are usually the…

  • Review: John Wick Chapter 4 (Spoiler Free)

    Review: John Wick Chapter 4 (Spoiler Free)

    The Gonzo Journals March 24th, 2023 Here’s a quick side note that’s going to piss a lot of people off: I’ve lived in Texas the majority of my life, but never heard a single person mention Selena until the day she died. Was she really just Tejano’s best kept secret or another example of how…

  • Friends Will Be Friends

    Friends Will Be Friends

    The Gonzo Journals March 23rd, 2023 Friends. It’s something which came easily to me growing up…or did it? In hindsight, I’m not so sure. Why? Dictionary.com defines the word “friend” as: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporterfriends of the Boston Symphony. a person who…

  • Renfield Final Trailer!!!

    Renfield Final Trailer!!!

    This will probably be horrible and I plan on loving every second of it!

  • Red Headed Stepchildren of Social Media

    Red Headed Stepchildren of Social Media

    The Gonzo Journals March 22nd, 2023 I don’t know how many more times I must type this. I’ve said it on about every social media platform the internet offers, yet some people still can’t get the message. Next step? Billboard. I am aware of the social media faction which offers services to authors such as…

  • Get A Life.

    Get A Life.

    The Gonzo Journals March 21st, 2023 Today I’m going to take a stab at modern day parents. If you happen to be a modern-day parent, I’m sorry if this offends you. Not really, but I’m just painting by numbers here. I truly don’t care if you get offended. If you’re offended, then this is a…

  • Spring Broken

    Spring Broken

    The Gonzo Journals March 20th, 2023 Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Why in the hell can’t 7/11 keep coffee in the pots during the morning hours? Yes, I know I live in one of those artsy fartsy neighborhoods where most of the trust fund babies refuse to roll out of bed until 2pm, but there’s…