Thank You!!!

Sam and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended our wedding ceremony this past weekend and for all the well wishes through email and social media. You helped make our special day even better! We will discuss it a bit and re-read our vows to one another on tonight’s episode ofContinue reading “Thank You!!!”

Personalized Extinguished Copies!

Only 5 left! The first batch is riddled with formatting errors but it doesn’t interfere with the read. Think of them as collector’s items! Autographed, personalized, and shipped to your door. $10 + $5 shipping. Yes, that’s cheaper than Amazon and those copies aren’t personalized. Contact me here, on social media, or through email atContinue reading “Personalized Extinguished Copies!”

Last Day Of KillerCon…

Last day for KillerCon 2019. I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years (late bloomer) and I still feel like a little fish in a big pond here. That shit will change in 2020. If you’re a writer or just a reader of all things dark and twisted, this is where you want to be nextContinue reading “Last Day Of KillerCon…”

Butterflies Make Me Angry?

Random Madness podcast? Too typical of someone who is trying to convince you that they’re random. Or mad! Butterflies Make Me Angry? Certifiably crazy! Named after the Tommy Cross/C. Derick Miller theme song, the Random Madness Podcast has now become Butterflies Make Me Angry! Strange title? Yes! Will someone forget it once they’ve seen theContinue reading “Butterflies Make Me Angry?”