Personalized Extinguished Copies!

Only 5 left! The first batch is riddled with formatting errors but it doesn’t interfere with the read. Think of them as collector’s items! Autographed, personalized, and shipped to your door. $10 + $5 shipping. Yes, that’s cheaper than Amazon and those copies aren’t personalized. Contact me here, on social media, or through email atContinue reading “Personalized Extinguished Copies!”

Last Day Of KillerCon…

Last day for KillerCon 2019. I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years (late bloomer) and I still feel like a little fish in a big pond here. That shit will change in 2020. If you’re a writer or just a reader of all things dark and twisted, this is where you want to be nextContinue reading “Last Day Of KillerCon…”

A Super Hero Novel?

“This is Wonder Woman meets Hellboy meets National Treasure!” – PC3 We are officially 30 days away from the release of my upcoming novel “Extinguished”! Remember, half the royalties from the pre-orders and first month’s sales will be donated to Hunt County Texas first responders! On top of that, publisher Death’s Head Press has offeredContinue reading “A Super Hero Novel?”

C. Derick Miller, Children’s Author?

For the record, the above image has nothing to do with the book. I saw the image on the internet and found it fitting. It’s not mine. Please don’t take me to court… I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Black Rose Writing publisher and owner Reagan Rothe and children’sContinue reading “C. Derick Miller, Children’s Author?”

Deadman’s Tome 24 Hour Podcast (My 2 Hours)

Disclaimer: The hosts had been streaming since 9:30pm the night before and were continuing to stream for 24 hours. Brave. I woke up at 4am to do my two hour segment. I regret nothing. People who should probably avoid this: people who love my hometown, religious fanatics, members of the KKK, skeptics who don’t believeContinue reading “Deadman’s Tome 24 Hour Podcast (My 2 Hours)”