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  • Book Review: Woom by Duncan Ralston

    Book Review: Woom by Duncan Ralston

    Someone get this guy an Oprah sticker for the cover. Every ‘Karen’s Book Club’ in America needs this as their next adventure…

  • Book Review: Grandpappy by PC3

    Book Review: Grandpappy by PC3

    You’re not ready.

  • I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter

    I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter

    This is a good one…

  • The Confederado

    The Confederado

    Preach it, Reverend!

  • I’m Flattered/Humbled/Blown Away By This Review!

    Posted on September 23, 2019 by BIBLIOPHILIA TEMPLUMLeave a comment EXTINGUISHEDBy C Derick Miller I was hooked! Synopsis Angel Burns—a curvy, small town fire fighter with a mysterious past and a sharp tongue—has far more to worry about than her sexist jerk of a boss; she has a gang of demons out for her head. After Angel unwittingly…

  • Another 5 Star Pre-Release Review!

    Another 5 Star Pre-Release Review!

    Another lucky Goodreads member has gotten their hands on an advanced copy of And Hell Followed and voiced their opinion! “I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy of what will be imo (in my opinion) the most talked about Anthology of 2019. 15 of the 16 stories in this book…

  • Author Tristan Drue Rogers Reviews ‘A Taste Of Home’!

    Author Tristan Drue Rogers Reviews ‘A Taste Of Home’!

    Appearing in today’s Herald Banner, author Tristan Drue Rogers gives me the best review I’ve ever received! Read The Review! Synopsis: Toby Liberman is nearing the end of his rope. After a fateful confrontation with his wife’s lover, he is chased into the woods only to be discovered by an unidentifiable creature. He is attacked and…

  • 1st Beta Reader Review!

    I’m a happy writer! My newest novel, Extinguished, is currently with five beta readers. Tonight, I received my first review… “Oh. My. God. This novel hooks you and it hooks you fast! You can easily fall in love with all of the characters and feel their pain. As I read, I couldn’t stop reading! I…

  • Karen’s Killer Book Bench Gets A ‘Taste’

    Karen’s Killer Book Bench Gets A ‘Taste’ Of C. Derick Miller! http://www.karendocter.com/karens-killer-book-bench-a-taste-of-home-home-series-book-1-horror-fantasy-by-c-derick-miller/?fbclid=IwAR06kLGwZ2o6RAnfAGEZnZhStmqT2qnbeVYgMJKN5ylYOOCkQfYb0hCBNEw

  • Review # 42!

    The ever changing Texas weather has finally knocked me for a loop. I’m working from home today, dozing in and out of consciousness, and looking for just about anything to bring me out of this allergy induced coma. I believe I may have found it! A Taste Of Home has received its 42nd Amazon Review!…

  • Review # 41

    Review # 41 to my beloved novel A Taste Of Home has been published to Amazon! It simply states “Great book. Scary, funny, and sickening. Highly recommend!” This is all I’ve ever wanted a review for this novel to be! I tried to fill it with suspense, humor, and a little bit of grotesque imagery.…

  • Karen’s Killer Book Bench Goes Gonzo!