I’m Flattered/Humbled/Blown Away By This Review!

Posted on September 23, 2019 by BIBLIOPHILIA TEMPLUMLeave a comment EXTINGUISHEDBy C Derick Miller I was hooked! Synopsis Angel Burns—a curvy, small town fire fighter with a mysterious past and a sharp tongue—has far more to worry about than her sexist jerk of a boss; she has a gang of demons out for her head. After Angel unwittingly... Continue Reading →

Extinguished Errors

I received my first batch of Extinguished paperbacks and, after an 8 hour revisiting of my favorite creation, I discovered some errors. A couple of them are my fault but most of them are formatting errors from the Amazon upload. No one is perfect, especially Amazon's software. You live, you learn. These corrections are being... Continue Reading →

Butterflies Make Me Angry?

Random Madness podcast? Too typical of someone who is trying to convince you that they're random. Or mad! Butterflies Make Me Angry? Certifiably crazy! Named after the Tommy Cross/C. Derick Miller theme song, the Random Madness Podcast has now become Butterflies Make Me Angry! Strange title? Yes! Will someone forget it once they've seen the... Continue Reading →

Hello, Spotify!!!

Ready for some Random Madness? Spotify is! Check out future episodes uploaded weekly on Thursdays-ish (we don't do schedules) where Sam Cloud and I discuss...everything! Nothing is off the table and we're paying attention, social media. Upcoming episodes can also be heard on Podbean, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Click here for Spotify!

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