Poetry. It’s something that always came naturally to me. Whether it was an expression of emotion to someone I cared about, or a display of humor pointed in the direction of someone I loathed, poetry was my go-to outlet. What you see here is a small portion of the poetry I’ve written over the years. For every one listed for your reading pleasure, there are ten more in a trash pile written for ex wives and girlfriends that just don’t need to see the light of day again. Ever. A few of these were turned into songs and can be heard here. If you’re REALLY curious, feel free to track down copies of my old poetry books “Reflections” or “Pages From The Bottom Drawer”. They’re out of print and damn near impossible to find. Good luck

If you like what you see here and would like to use a portion for a published book or song, hit me up. Chances are I’ll say “yes”. Just know, before you steal it, that I’ve been writing professionally since 2007. I have an attorney on retainer who is just as crazy as I am. Enjoy.

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S.C. (Since Covid aka 2020 – Present)

New Year, Same You

By C. Derick Miller



Fake cry

Boo hoo

New year

Same you

Sob loud

Sell wares

Poor me

Who cares?

Snort this

Pop that

Ween off

Get fat


Thin down

We see

Quill clown

Eyes wide

Sleep stare




Feed off


Deep cough

Young minds

Take heed


Ill seed

Tag toe

Six feet




By C. Derick Miller



Dreams become reality

Reality the pen

Torch of narcissistic blame

To never flow again

Pass the buck of selfishness

Her finger arrow points

Lines are blurred through tear-stained glass

Dark window’s view anoints

Cemetery dancing scheme

With headstone stories told

Footprints over tales unknown

Full circle foolish gold

Typewriter Paint


By C. Derick Miller


Overcast ceiling

Colorless patches in gray fields

Hues sense the darkness

Suicidal raindrops

Smile greetings before impact

Their siblings follow

Creating the storm

Atop thirsting Earth

It inhales the moisture

Like traces of her scent

Long gone since morning

While I invent distractions

Ignoring unusual heartbeats

Wincing phantom pains

From worn, irreplaceable flesh

Erased from reflection

Nonexistent tones of youth

Conceal tomorrow’s folds

Of the ever-ticking clock

A name expired from mouths

And ears no longer willing

Impulses ignite fingers

Leading willing travelers

On a journey of words

Mentality’s canvas

Sprayed with typewriter paint

Shocking hearts to a medium

Dead to the masses

Tucked neatly in coffins

Of tomes and novels

Birthed by dreams and delusions

In an uncaring world

Fuck the attention span of pictures

No rules

Just write


By C. Derick Miller



“S’cuse me while I whip this out”

These words will sting without a doubt

But words are weapons in this writer’s game

I’m undeserving of this life

Before my eyes, my skills, my wife

I’m looking back, no more to be the same

The phantom pains of yesterday

Removing mass, no more to stay

My mind, it tells me something that’s not real

The blood is drawn, the soul is drained

Enough to keep them entertained

But how much essence do they plan to steal?

For every dusk, a movie night

A ceiling screening mental fight

I lay awake with nowhere else to turn

So, this is where the end begins

All lonely, hopeless, without friends

To Heaven’s flight or Hell’s eternal burn


By C. Derick Miller



What is life

But a gaslighting prick

Hell bent on teasing you

To the point of success

Only to reveal

There’s not enough time

To fulfill those dreams

And, somehow

It’s all your fault

What is love

But a gaslighting cunt

Hell bent on teasing you

To the point of orgasm

Only to reveal

There’s been someone else

Behind the scenes

And, somehow

It’s all your fault

What is death

But a welcoming hug

Hell bent on promising

To the point of reality

Only to realize

That love and life

Were mere practice runs

And, somehow

It’s still your fault

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2021

By C. Derick Miller


Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the State

The unvaxed were dying

Fox hosts masterbate

Their viewers were armed

And so ready to fight

But were lacking the basics

How to read or to write

The Karens were waiting

For managers to come

And call the police

On some poor homeless bum

Who just wanted a meal

Or just needed a ride

And not hurting a soul

But it pained Karen’s pride

The trust funds were all flowing

And the rich all got fatter

Giuliani got diapers

A new gift for his bladder

And Trump, that old pumpkin

Got the best gift of all

He groped some poor lady

At a Florida Mall

But no one was punished

And no, nothing was said

It’s hard to get jailed

While democracy’s dead

So, the old man keeps grabbing

And taking our souls

And let’s be quite honest

We’d all prefer coal

In our stockings, that is

Because coal fires pollute

And the planet is pissed

From society’s route

The weather keeps killing

The glaciers all melt

The cows all keep farting

The players have knelt

The soldiers keep fighting

The bombs, they explode

And heaven forbid

That you sneeze from a cold

You’ll be dragged away screaming

Or gunned down in the streets

And the heroes once worshipped

All flaunt those white sheets

But I’d rather wear masks

Than the Proud Boys’ white hood

When the racists all die

Will it be dead for good?

There’s no hope left to cling to

There’s no joy in our eyes

Are we nearing extinction?

From the Washington lies?

Do we give up completely?

What’s the point to fight back?

Corporations own Christmas

While the people own jack

Jack shit, is my meaning

No, we don’t have a thing

Because prayers are useless

God’s phone doesn’t ring

So, I’ll cling to my children

And I’ll protect my wife

Don’t shadow my doorstep

If you value your life

We’re all on our own now

No help will arrive

All I want for this Christmas

Is to just be alive

When the fires extinguish

And this plague goes away

And we’re all viewed as equals

If you’re black, or you’re gay

Because this life is sacred

Regardless of teaching

From old men and women

Who’re too dead for preaching

Our history is history

It’s exactly just that

We should live for the future

Not the wealthy’s door mat

I’m not sure how to end this

As my words come to life

But, just like our planet

It’s got blood on its knife

If we don’t end ourselves

She’ll accomplish her bidding

Like there’s a choice in the matter?

Who the fuck are we kidding?

I Bleed

By C. Derick Miller



Scents penetrate the tired mind

Wake to madness, perfumed angel

Kisses upon dammed insanities

She exits

Loneliness in darkened asylum

Thoughts trickle, floods ensue

Magic wands, tenfold to keys

I bleed

Spent, my brain cries unnoticed

Orgasmic rush, revealing soul

Crimson streaks, eyes fading

Writer’s death


by C. Derick Miller



This is something new

I don’t know how

Or what to do

I’ll wake each day

With no alarm

No clocking in

Or mental harm

To write the words

To read the book

To talk the talk

Risk all, I took

I’ve known not this

Not since my youth

Before brainwashing

Rehearsed couth

But where to start

I must inquire

That burning bridge

Revenge desire

Forsaking me

Forsaking most

Forsaking none

This glass, I’ll toast



By C. Derick Miller


Will I live

Or will I die

Or will my heart explode

Am I awake

Am I asleep

While blazing down this road

Will I survive

Can I endure

To brag my Earthen stone

Unanswered call

I bet it all

In dreams, I fade alone

I’ll end this way

If not today

Then maybe someday soon

It’s destined flair

That twilight scare

Beneath uncaring moon

Shall breathing cease

My soul’s release

While raising no alarms

I float away

No more to stay

A memory in her arms

The moments come

The moments go

The moments never last

We post the best

And film the rest

A review of our past

The tears shall flow

For few who go

To bid a fond farewell

Fake breathe a sigh

On truth rely

This planet, our true Hell

Life Untitled

Life Untitled

By C. Derick Miller


Clock in

Clock out


Or do without

No food

No home

No life

Boring tome




And procreate


Cruel fate

Wanted not


Long road

Nice view

Winding path

Skipped few

Worn feet

Broken will

Journeys end

Time to kill

Inner Earth

Return to dust

Lonely, cold

Brain shall rust

Never chanced

On hands you sat

When should’ve this

Or could’ve that

Lucky Mirror

Lucky Mirror

By C. Derick Miller


Why can’t I be the mirror

Always knowing where you are

A reflection of your beauty

Somewhat present, never far

To enhance your every sparkle

Warming sunlight on your face

And the echo of your laughter

Which no distance can erase

Absent now, I miss your essence

Distant thunder, silent cry

It will never know the sorrow

Of a doorknob’s harsh goodbye

Constant presence in your pocket

Always privy to your scent

It can hold your gaze forever

Never wondering where you went

On wind, your silence whispers

Returned joy to set me free

Please take care, oh lucky mirror

Till she’s home again with me


Piggy Back

By C. Derick Miller


Look at me

Listen here

Solve my problem

Squash my fear

Carry me

Heed my speech

Hold my hand

Please don’t teach

Fate accept

Cannot leave

No way out

I believe

Endless cycle


Until the end

Until another

Dawn’s Recital

Dawn’s Recital

C. Derick Miller


Unbridled Nudity

Cheats of the flesh

Surefire attention

Shape disregarded

Dawn’s recital

Senseless display

Abundant entertainment

For the weak among us all

No shortcut needed

Sight’s hunger awakened

Mirror’s delight

Slowly she covers

Eyes closed by perfection

Unraveled inches

Women’s true definition

I wake to watch her dress



C Derick Miller


The dotted line is occupied

The letter’s in the mail

Requesting stings from yesterday

Those photographs from Hell

Recorded pain and memories

I wished would go away

But keys to moving forward

Have revealed they’re here to stay

There’s no reason to go back there

There’s no reason to go dig

In that desert where I left them

When I walked on from that gig

But the future she is nosey

And the past my worthless whore

When the lights go down be seated

My life’s movie evermore



By C. Derick Miller


Sympathizing rain

Or reluctant visitor

The heavens release

Tears of renewal

Upon the ungrateful

Looking skyward

Angered inhabitants

Cursed sky

Covering of heads

Unaccepted offerings

Washing refuge

Humanity’s waste mound

Concrete and steel

Foul and filth

Life’s unfortunate byproduct



By C. Derick Miller


Each beat

Stealing life

Dirt nap

Worried wife

Losing sight

Gaining time

Tingling nerves

Cannot rhyme

Missing days

Extra pounds

Rising soul

Trumpet sounds

Sunday school

Clever fiction

Passed plate

Pew confliction

Books lie

Teachers spread

Elections forced

Until dead

Earthly Hell

False Heaven

Deep breaths




By C. Derick Miller


Journey’s end

That relieving deep breath before death’s release

The ease of farewell

You know not where I dwell

Is it indeed journey’s end

Or chaotic regrouping for what comes next?

Rest stop inventory?

True missions on the uncharted plane

Life was nothing but

Prep course


A joke, tasteless and painful

Friction, fluids, and feedings

Wrapped with bows

Fake gods

Convenient laws

Control where none was ever truly needed

Fear of chaos




By C. Derick Miller


Revealing eyes

Acceptance sought

The inlets to our soul

Near fireside

Exhibits smiles

In mouthless vocal role

Denial’s gambit

Money men

Are shamed to life in Hell

For heathen church

Religious nod

God bid her last farewell

Confessions worth

Dictated sails

Which pathway we’re allowed

Our code of dress

From nose up nude

Pandemic’s facial shroud

Grow Up And Die

Grow Up And Die

By C. Derick Miller


Deep breaths to cry

The reason why?

A pullout game

Of fault and shame

Your parent’s luck

That fateful fuck

That led to you

Life born anew

We never learn

From taken turn

The chosen fate

True love/true hate

A casket made

For death’s parade

Too scared to try

Grow up and die



By C. Derick Miller


Dusky blacktop


Of flowing streams

And rain-soaked trees

Her hand in mine

While footsteps cross

Revealing trails

Through muck and moss

Exhibit ways

If needs arise



To reminisce

On whom we’ve been

Her broken home

My empty pen

We brave each step

Ignoring fears

No looking back

Our yester-tears

The memory’s curse

Forgive the pain

It could be worse

So poets claim…



By C. Derick Miller


Midnight ticking

Moonlight slivers

Miniscule friction


Incense released

Inhaled deeply

Innocence questioned


Lethargy vanished

Libido awoke

Letting Go


Lengthy persuasion

Lightly touched

Last chances


Electric communion

Elongated thrusts

Ecstasy’s embraced


Ransomed emotions

Rewound moments

Righteous fulfillment


B.C. (Before Covid aka 2015 – 2020)

AKA Sixty-Five Poems Out Of Three-Hundred-Ish That Survived The Purge…

16 Again

Reality is peeking in

The music fills the slack

Was it all a crazy dream?

When will it bring me back?

Why do we yearn for yesterday?

Why can’t we live for now?

The bricks of time have crumbled

And the builder takes a bow

No knowledge then of sex or drugs

But rock n roll was real

Musicians in the modern world

Can only rape and steal

Guitars wailing in the night

Like wounded, cornered prey

The singers howled like demons

And the drummers made us sway

It’s just not music anymore

Our souls know no vibration

True artistry has disappeared

On permanent vacation

Is this the speech my father gave

To me when I was young?

When one day it all vanished

To the melodies I sung?

Perhaps I’ll keep an open mind

and give it one more chance?

Nah, never mind, it fucking sucks

And makes me shit my pants


I’m not the one to give advice

I’m not the one to trust

I’m not the one to touch your heart

I won’t give in to lust

I’m not the one to save your life

I’m not the one who kills

I’m not the one to point the knife

I won’t give in to thrills

I’m not the one to cherish breath

I’m not the one for fate

I’m not the one to welcome death

I won’t give in to hate

I am the one to reach for heights

I am the one for glory

I am the moon that rules the nights

And welcome to my story…

Angry Mirror

The mirror, it stares back at me

I don’t like what it shows

The battered shell of yesterday

My angry feeling grows

I can’t believe the time I’ve lost

I’ve wasted all my lives

On doubts, and dreams, and useless things

And lying, cheating wives

The gray has crept into my beard

My eyes reveal the time

Sure, I’ve seen and done it all

On someone else’s dime

But if I’d started sooner

If I’d only just believed

I wouldn’t have to try so hard

And live my life relieved

Instead I face the mirror

And he taunts me with each glance

He’s handing me my ticket

To my being’s final dance


The leaves, they are falling in Renton

The storm clouds, they gather on high

The wildlife is growing quite smitten

Pacific North Autumn grows nigh

The people are clearing out closets

For jackets and scarves to stay warm

Their summer clothes ready for slumber

Where snowflakes can do them no harm

The fireplace, stoked for the burning

The chimney spews smoke to the sky

The green in the forest is weeping

It knows it is destined to die

Old Winter is stretching his muscles

And patiently waits for his cue

The blade of the wind has been sharpened

To give natures life force its due

The living must wander full circle

Their footprints lead homeward through snow

In sleep, they’ll be dreaming of Spring time

For signs that it’s safe now to grow



 The moment before dying

 That last breath

 Forty-two years in a single second


 Energies rush the fingertips

 Body goes numb

 There is nothing left but regret


 You see them standing there

 Nothing you can do

 They cry as you disappear from sight


 Surrounds you like a blanket

 You choose acceptance

 Leaving nothing to chance in a new world


 Everything they taught you

 Illusions for the weak

 They’d never listen if you told them.


 Better luck next time

 If there is a next time

 Back to square one

Break Up Poetry

What you see

Is what you get

So turn your head

Without regret

Don’t follow me

Or troll my posts

Forget my words

Forget the ghosts

Ignore my voice

Erase my face

From memories

It’s wasted space

You’re better off

Or so I’ve heard

To bring me up

Is quite absurd

In daily speak

or nightly dream

You chose your side

You chose your team

The future’s bright

To those who see

You’ll make it there

You’re free of ‘me’

but also know

I’ll make it, too

Embracing life

I’m free of ‘you’

Buzz Kill

Isn’t it amazing

How a call can change your mind

Leave you wondering what happened

How it started to unwind

How your life became uncertain

How your path became unclear

How your world became disaster

How your faith returned to fear

How your rock became a pillow

How your mate became your end

How your love transformed to hatred

Leaving all to break or bend

How you let her overcome you

How you let her rule your castle

How you let her run like madness

Till it all became a hassle

Why’d you give into the sickness

Why’d you give into demands

Why’d you let her overcome you

Never questioning commands

Where’s the man you used to mimic

Where’s the man who beat the game

He’s the shadow of his master

Only has himself to blame

You took nothing when you left her

You’ll leave nothing when you’re done

When your eyes return to heaven

And you’re standing in the sun

You can take away my manhood

You can take away my pride

But you cannot take my spirit

No, you can’t have what’s inside

And you won’t because you never

Had a clue of who I am

Take your leave and be a memory

Of someone who gave a damn

For a decade, you were worth it

Now the time has come and went

As those years will fade to nothing

And the time has all been spent

Hope you liked it while you had it

Hope you enjoyed every day

Hope you don’t mind that I’m winning

Since I took my love away

City At Night

No shadows from the lights above

No single car in sight

There’s a scary sound of silence

While the city sleeps tonight

The subway trains are resting

And the harbor water still

The park reclaimed by nature

Bending to the moonlights will

The lady watches over us

With torch and focused eye

She’ll keep us safe from evil

Until morning light draws nigh

She still remembers last time

And dares all to roll the dice

They fooled her in 2001

But they’ll never fool her twice

If America is a living thing

And the city is the heart

You strike at it with all your might

It will not tear apart

When thousands died, a million cried

And swore they’d find a way

Returning sounds of silence

When the sunlight goes away

Classic Triangle

I took three turns

In destiny

But each of them

Led back to me

I thought I’d live

I thought it wrong

I’m standing here

My endless song

I’ve told some lies

I’ve broke some hearts

Triangle sharp

My private art

I’ll hurt again

It’s just my style

So have a seat

And die awhile…


On cosmic winds

My journeyed soul

With feathers soft

And music’s flow

Escapes the day

Invades the night

Allowing peace

Ignoring fight

And digging deep

Into my past

Creating pathways

Long and vast

To venture forth

Tomorrow’s dream

Where castaways

Are crossing stream

Dividing mind

Two halves are one

Come laugh with me

Enjoy the fun

It rarely ends

It’s never dull

A constant trip

Without a lull

My tired mind

My pulsing veins

My rising flood

From midnight’s rain

Ecstatic breath

In lonely sleep

Where no one braves

The darkness deep


Today, I traveled back in time

Through spoken word and music’s rhyme

To visit places from my past

Creating memories built to last

A younger man, I’d been before

When last I entered through that door

No facial hair, to say the least

My waistline never knowing feast

What the hell did I know?

Time moves fast when you’re crawling way too slow

What the hell did I know?

Life is hard when you sell your soul

Many speakers came and went

Advice to me, ignored and spent

But getting out of class was fun

My journey, then, had just begun

What the hell do I know?

Time moved fast when I was crawling way too slow

What the hell do I know?

Faded life when I sold my soul

The futures bright to those who seek

Though some will call you dork and geek

Kids today, so cruel and mean

Until you’re on a movie screen

So keep your chin both up and high

And never let yourself deny

That you were meant for greater glory

On stage, one day, to tell your story

What the hell will I know?

Time stands still when it’s your time to go

What the hell will I know?

A nod, in passing, to my worn out soul


Days go by

Harsh and gray

Voice of sunshine

Leads my way

Face is fading

Touch forgotten

Kills my soul

Faded, rotten

Demon’s wishes

All fulfilled

Followed orders

Hate instilled

Keeps me wanting

Keeps me down

Rarely smiling

Backing down

Come to life

Take it back

Hard to see

World is black

Hand is slipping

Losing grip

Offered cup

Never sip

Fighting pain

Sing along

Forced to tears

Memory’s gone

Miles away

So it feels

Moments lost

Joy it steals

Tortured essence

Tortured then

Tortured still

Will I win?

Battle scarred

Vision blur

Take it back

Fail for sure

Down that road

Thoughts connect

Take my life


Ignore the call

Deny my will

Fallen angel

Devil’s kill


Darkened ceiling

Moonlight shades

I’m sleeping fast

As daylight fades

The cold creeps in

The night, she lingers

it claws my throat

it nips my fingers

I’m wrestling fear

Destined to lose

Although intact

The fight ensues

I’m desolate

Not new to this

No one to blame

No one to miss


Although I didn’t put you here

I swore to do my best

I did all that I had to do

To keep you fed and dressed

Oh so tiny, beautiful

A blessing from above

I might’ve liked your mother

But, with you, I fell in love

You’ve done so much with more to come

Your future is your name

If never had I met you

Would my life end up the same?

If I had to do it all again

Through heartache and through pain

I’d gladly take your tiny hand

And give you my last name

El Camino Real

I’ve traveled the road that they wandered
Without any rhyme and few reasons
Those men of God came on a mission
Regardless of weather or seasons

The bells have been calling me northward
I’m leaving the desert for good
The ocean she beckons me loudly
I’d be there if only I could

The creeks, they are all dry and dusty
They haven’t seen rainfall in years
Rich men have sucked them all dry now
Including their peasants own tears

The forests are all brown and dying
The heat beat them down to their knees
The animals sick with confusion
With parched throats they claim this disease

When will this road reach the ocean?
How many more lives will it claim?
When rich men and preachers stop hiding
Behind dollars and God’s holy name


Evermore she’s haunting me

Her grave, inside my soul

and although she died a year ago

Her hand escapes the hole

Those fingers reach for sunlight

As her head shows through the dirt

Her intentions reveal instantly

To bestow her hate and hurt

The knife, it feels familiar

Have I missed it? Not a chance

I recognize the ancient sting

Signaling our final dance

The ice, it failed to trap you

And the salt is of no use

I’d never enter in again

A love, tasteless, abuse

That grave it beckons vacant

Creaking trees and ancient moan

Because Hell misses its princess

Death can’t stand to sleep alone

Exit Wounds

I will always keep it near me

Just in case they spring the trap

And as long as it is present

I will never take the rap

It’s my one and only exit

It’s my portal to the end

When it’s all too much to handle

When I’ve lost my dearest friend

It can take away my sorrows

And erase what I’ve done wrong

When I’ve wrote my closing sentence

When I’ve sung my final song

I won’t do it for attention

I won’t mean to make them cry

It’s the essence of my nature

Because poets live to die

I will finally have my answers

That I’ve sought for many years

I will travel that great darkness

I will swallow all my fears

As I inhale brave and deeply

Realized curse of destiny

I forgot to buy the ammo

Nothing changes, even me

Final Shift

Life is precious

Touching souls

Repairs the cracks

And fills the holes

But morning breaks

And life is lost

We carry on

Regardless cost

We honor those

That went before

To see again

On that great shore

They lived their life

They stitched our scars

And showed no fear

Forsaking ours

Those sleepless days

And thankless nights

Through dangers dark

And fire fights

A special place

It must exist

When guided through

Forever’s mist

I tip my hat

And shed a tear

Cling tight to those

That you hold dear

Forgive the past

And bridge the rift

You can’t predict

Your final shift

Five Feet Away

I feel your eyes upon me

Slightly turned, I catch your smile

Wishing no one else could see us

No more living in denial

Could they ever understand it?

Or accept it once they did?

Can they tell how you’ve regressed me?

To a nervous, helpless kid?

How I sense your soul from distance?

How you make my own heart melt?

Couldn’t take it any longer

Had to show you what I felt

Letting nothing come between us

No opinions, walls, or fears

Laugh away the opposition

As we journey through the years

I won’t waste another minute

Now I know where I belong

You’re my secret, silent savior,

When in love, no love is wrong.


I get inspired

By what I see

But, Florida…

You bother me

No hills to climb

Or desert sand

Just gators, snakes

And Disneyland

Your people? Rude

Your weather? Wet

And hurricanes?

A constant threat!

The NASA thing?

It’s no big deal

Why do you try?

What’s your appeal?

Why don’t you sink?

And make us proud?

Your input here

Is not allowed

With angered face

And stomach heave

Despise this place

Can’t wait to leave

Ghost Of Me

Breathe the morning
Kiss the wind
Drift to sleep
Begin again
Refuse to see
Exist in dream
Ghost of me

Swear I’m here
Perhaps they’ll see
Prove my worth
Solve my fears
Come what may
Distant years

Existence fails
Here before
Extinguished light
Abandoned shore
Tomorrow’s dawn
Emotion lack
Accepting fate
Erasing black

High Cotton

The blackest land

The whitest people

The hate extends

From every steeple

The sirens scream

From street to street

The greenest town

You’ll ever meet

The shots ring out

They’ve paid the toll

Prepare to fail

Forget the goal

They’ve all packed up

They’ve all just split

And left no trace

Just empty pit

The cotton high

Now reaches low

The memory fades

The ashes glow

You’ve been sucked in

You’ve been deceived

The comfort comes

Rear-view relieved

Where have you gone

What happened here

My home destroyed

My home town dear


What is home?

Is it real?

Can’t recall

How to feel

Yard is tall

Windows blacked

Driveway empty

Suitcase packed

What is touch?

Only dreams?

Could it be

What it seems?

Weeks go by

Getting old

Heart is broken

Soul is sold

What is love?

Sang in song?

Though it’s been

Way too long

Never fair

Solo life

Endless road

Cheating wife

What is death?

Will it be?

Witness to

The end of me

Burn my flesh

Place my stone

Left to wander

All alone

How Did I End Up Here?

My path

Broken, hidden

Only I can see

Others shun my journey

No applause

Encouragement denied

Alone once more

I crave the solace

Those eyes

Like flame in darkness

Awaiting my mistake

Moving in on me

So lost

How did I end up here?

Where did I go wrong?

When will I make it right?


The splash of feet

In chamber greet

They’ve come for me

For death at sea

Deserving this

Into abyss

My family weeps

Forever creeps

The water nymphs

I catch a glimpse

To know too late

My watery fate

I’ll Never Tell You

Hello again

You mindless drone

It feels good to be back

Just read the news

Like all the rest

And watch the charges stack

No problem man

I’ll empty them

My pockets hold no clues

A bit of fuzz

And condom pack

I probably should’ve used


First time we met

We barely got along

You beat me down

And broke my will

Though I’d done nothing wrong

Small town this is

I’ve watched through time

You come and go at home

You’ll be surprised

When you get there

You left her all alone

This world we live in,

how it’s changed

Killers only kill

A gun, a blade,

A shovel spade

It’s how we get a thrill

The laws we follow,

Useless words

To help the honest sleep

I’ll take them

to their final rest

And lay them six feet deep

I’m You, You’re Me

The world is fucked

We’re doomed to die

No need to shout

No use to cry

We knew it from

The very start

Perfected craft

Accomplished art

Our leadership

Is safe inside

Their hallowed halls

Where hate resides

The only finger

To be raised

On middle ground

The sheeple praised

We can’t fight back

No “I” in “team”

Alone in mass

Protest in dream

Concocted scheme

By those in power

The moment’s here

Arrived, the hour

We’ve played into

Their evil plan

As wealth controls

The fall of man

With colors seen

By silent blind

I take the pill

My nerves unwind

The monster lives

No gun can kill

We’re stuck until

The planet’s will

To cleanse the Earth

And shake us free

Until that time

I’m you, you’re me.


Barely two that fateful day

The Army took your Dad away

Still haunted by that toddler cry

I walked away and said goodbye

Was it worth the time we missed?

They made my heart an angry fist

Decision wasn’t wise because

I can’t remember who I was

For twenty years, that guy’s been dead

I sit alone inside my head

A blink in time, already grown

To raise a child of your own

Don’t follow pathways I have blazed

Create your own, you’ll be amazed

Take every second, every day

The best advice I’ll ever say

Long Beach

Three down and three to go

My vision barely blurry

I’m off to Long Beach for the night

Where no one’s in a hurry

The crystal ocean slapping land

Without an inch to spare

Young lovers walking hand in hand

Without an ounce of care

The surfers now have gone to sleep

To dream tomorrows sights

They snuggle with bikini girls

That sway like Palms at night

The moon emerges from her sleep

To rest upon the waves

Leaving trails of glowing road

For beaches, hills, and caves

And as she rises to her crest

The moon begins to sing

To all those cool enough to hear

While searching for her King

But as that King begins to peek

Above the dawn’s new day

The moon, she sneaks below the Earth

Her game keeps him at bay

He’ll search the heavens high and low

Until the darkness falls

That moon…she is a fickle girl

And has him by the balls

Lost In Translation

Dream of worlds I’ve created
Electronic nightmares
Freezing in unconsciousness
Intoxicating refreshment
One by one they fall
Accuracy and cold sweat
Sacrifice of sustenance 
Traffic jam in my veins
Drive-by kisses from the darkness
Nostalgia in the womb
The weekend calls…

Lydia’s Poem (a back and forth, line by line poem written with a complete stranger in San Francisco…)

Her wings drip tips

Sweet angel lips

She flies, sweet grace

Through angel skies

In true, she flew

Around you

Maybe you knew

That place in space

That captures every hue

Of power, magic, joy and love

Singing sorrow from above

Pure as the dove

In her god sent flight

Showering the sign

Of peace and light

As we wandered into the night

But we’ll be alright

Just turn you yearn

For being victimized



In the steam of dream

All that you’ve seen

Or all that may seem

In angel world

Time is swirled

The knowledge in your heart reigns

As for once, pure freedom is obtained

and all that you’ve been caught in

Or taught in

Like a memory it swims

Mother Earth

Hello, good morning, mother Earth

Done lots of spinning since my birth

Your gift, allowing me to wake

While others were your soul to take

I’ll try my best to make you proud

Through sunny day or stormy cloud

To hug my kids and kiss my wife

This gambling game that we call life

Tonight, in dreams, it all could change

For someone else, you could exchange

I know I’ve lived for all I’m worth

Goodnight, goodbye then, mother Earth

My Journey

What have I learned from all of this?

When reached my journeys end

I’ve seen all that there is to see

No need now to pretend

Older now and wiser

Was a wish right from the start

Of all the places visited

I have overlooked my heart

No matter where you’re coming from

And no matter where you’ll be

That cozy place that you call home

Is where you’ll find the key

Don’t wonder if you’re missing out

Or one day might have been

Just hold on tight to those you love

Your journey starts again


The darkness grips

Like angry fangs

Injecting poison’s sting

Though sirens wail

Your heart will fail

You won’t recall a thing

The pain shall cease

With soul’s release

Removing you from life

What’s left behind

You’ll never find

As Hell becomes your wife

“I should’ve” this

“I could’ve” that

It’s much too late to change

When lowered down

Forever’s hole

It will not seem so strange

In fact, it’s normal

Lonely, cold

With no one else in sight

You’ll have all time

To sit and dwell

At home, eternal night

Why did you love?

Why did you care?

Why did you give your best?

When offered rot

From day to day

Expected to ingest

The distant fire

From funeral pyre

Illuminates the black

Accepted fate

In grave, you’ll wait

There is no turning back

With trembling hand

Your final stand

The reaper has appeared

In ancient well

Your heaven’s trail

Will vanish as you feared

No crying eyes

All tears have dried

Your absence brings no pain

To those above

Forsaking love

Washed clean by chilling rain

You lived your life

Died by the knife

Like most had done before

He’s come for you

That much is true

The end shall know no door

Don’t try to run

You cannot hide

He’ll find you guaranteed

No need to pray

It’s much too late

In blood, you’ll sign his deed

The stone, it shows

Those curious eyes

Still peeking up above

“Here lies a pile

Of worthless flesh

who chose hate over love”

Night Ranger

The melodies are calling him

The songs of yesterday

Where are the guitar warriors?

Are they truly gone to stay?

A young boy dreams of greatness

Head rests on folded hands

Headphones atop his waterbed

Not knowing life’s demands

The year is nineteen eighty-eight

High school his only fear

Knows not the joy of women

And he’s never tasted beer

The lawn, his only nemesis

Two buttons on his game

From point to point on skateboard

With no body aches or pains

He’s never getting married

And he’s never having kids

No plans accepting failure

Taking only highest bids

The world will be his oyster

Having steak for every meal

The cops won’t catch his Mustang

And he’ll make his bullies kneel

The doubters turn believers

And the haters show him love

The masses all will shout his name

Hands high to him above

Fifteen and an immortal

Because mirrors never lie

He launches fists into the air

Full speed toward the sky

Then snaps of sudden waking

How the decades came and went

He never got his Mustang

And his money’s all been spent

He never learned to play guitar

And never learned to fly

He’s scared to touch the skateboard

Because no one wants to die

He never took his band on tour

No riches trading stocks

Life was an angry river

And he hit most of the rocks

He reaches for his headphones

With closed eyes, his smile burns

The guitar rings, the angel sings

Fifteen, his soul returns…


Times Square, subway

Live there? Someday…

Street carts, Belvedere

Central Park, always near

Brooklyn to Staten

Queens and Manhattan

Bronx Zoo, Yankee

Go there, thank me

Liberty, Freedom

Good shoes? Need ‘em

Far to walk, lots to see

Where you are? There you’ll be

Madison, Battery

New York needs no flattery

Coney? All the way

Warriors? Come and play…

Rangers, Islanders

Silver Cup, Highlanders

Ninja Turtles, Proton Pack

Now there is no turning back

Park Av, Empire

Burning desire

SoHo, Chelsea

My blood? You’ll be

One In The Chamber

The farmland travels on for miles

Yet, children cannot eat

The rich man blames economy

Like records on repeat.

I’m wondering what they would do

If we all stood up at once

If ‘We The People’ took it back

Threw out that White House dunce.

With numbers, power, minds alike

All focused one direction

We’d make a change more powerful

Than any damned election.

The poor man’s rise and wealthy fall

Our world has seen enough

Just stand there snarling eye to eye

They’ll see they’re not so tough.

The revolution beckons all

To those that heed the call

Through women’s cries and children’s tears

We’re tearing down the wall.

No more will people go without

No more will people starve

Like angry, flowing rivers

Better pathways we shall carve.

The days are numbered, time is short

The fires have been set

No longer will our voices be

Considered empty threat.

So…crooked Sheriff, rotten Judge

And angry Politician

Just count your days and promises

We’ll count the ammunition.

Politics And Shoes

The only things that never change

Are politics and shoes

The revelation guaranteed

To feed the poor man’s blues

Our wealthy high society

Their young instilled with hate

No toys, no games, or treehouse dreams

Deter their destined fate

Legendary surnames

Bound for Washington’s embrace

Suck dollars from our pockets

While the hoods disguise their face

Elected by the masses

Or the masses with connections

Enforcing animosity

Disguising bruised erections

From poverty’s defiance

As they take us one and all

Still managing to penetrate

Regardless of our gall

Take notice with compliant bow

Accepting your defeat

The shoes supporting politics

The same beneath the sheet


It got inside

I know not how


Take a bow

Control my life

Control my mind

Exploit the fears

I left behind

Engulf my world

You’ve paid the toll

I’ve given up

Destroy my soul

I asked for this

And I deserve

Whatever death

I’m forced to serve


I died inside

The day departed

By my own hand

Left broken hearted

Where did I turn

What did I do

Erased by fate

Without a clue

You crossed the line

You tempted bond

Red handed caught

Emotions fond

I witnessed hate

My life erased

My pathway dim

My footsteps traced

I lost my way

But now I’m found

Rebirthed by fire

Hallowed ground

I’ll start again

I’ll live anew

I’ll do it all

In spite of you

You failed your task

Denied the win

Keep trying though

I’ll love again


I remember when I used to be in school

A hundred friends

It never ends

I must’ve been a fool

I remember when I had a normal job

A nine to five

To stay alive

A pansy for the mob

I remember when I wore the Army green

I fought the fight

Both day and night

And sometimes in between

I remember when I used to fly first class

I traveled far

Hotel to bar

And landed on my ass

I remember when I used to wear a star

I risked my life

They stuck the knife

A little bit too far

I remember when I used to write the books

The stars aligned

With contracts signed

My publishers were crooks

I remember when I used to be a Dad

Grew up one day

They moved away

I’ve never felt so sad

I remember when I used to be a man

Now miles away

I slave all day

I see me when I can

I remember when I used to be alive…

Rest Area Closed

Windshield plays the movie

Stretching sand its only feature

Burning asphalt resting place

To soul of man and creature.

Death is present everywhere

Wilted trees have often spoken

No one rarely makes it through

Alive, but burned and broken.

The mountain range is calling me

Clenched fist, I make my choice

A sacrifice to rock and sun

Loud scream but silent voice.

The path blazed now for decades

Ghostly footprints lead the way

Statistics stack against me

Outstretched hand demanding pay.

Wind cuts through my childhood

 Sunlight has baked my dreams

I’ve headed off to Hollywood

Where no one’s what they seem.

Gutters filled with shattered life

That’s cleansed on rare occasion

The arid breath of Tinseltown

Invoking suffocation.

A kiss and favors, something more?

What is it that they need?

Turned key in darkened dungeon

Because no one rides for free.

The skeletons fill dressing rooms

Nightmares bring on the feast

There’s no amount of make-up

Thick enough to hide the beast.

The magic wands and mirrors

Hide the strings of guest and host

Although no one has spotted them

They’ve been removed in post.

Just like the man that I once knew

Just like my former life

One final breath to curse this place

My wrist accepts the knife.

Struck down like pins on Sunset

The collectors take their due

Drink blood of fallen masses

Just to entertain the few.


Torn down

Broke apart

Put together

Army art

Built to kill

Built to last

Eyes front

No more past

Coming home

Will they see?

The animal

Inside of me?

Breathing fire

Eating fear

Sucking life

From all that’s near

From tiring day

To lonely night


Came to fight

To make you beg

To steal your soul

Lay you to rest

Your Earthly hole

But what to do

When fight no more

Your body tired

Your spirit sore

Your feet are worn

You’ve seen too much

Forgotten love

Forgotten touch

And shake awake

With thunder crack

You are the wolf

No going back

You let them in

But not too far

They’ll see your heart

They’ll fear your scar

And as you sink

You’re all alone

Blanket of soil

Pillow of stone


The pipes are clogged

The wheels are stuck

No reason why

I’d give a fuck

To start again

Stare down defeat

It’s not been fun

It’s not been neat

This writer’s life

Of cat and mouse

I spit the words

Throughout the house

And echoed rhyme

On deaf ears fall

I took the chance

And missed the call

But wait, the call?

It never came

Oh, woe is me

A crying shame

This wordsmith fate

Not like before

The cliquish few

The hidden door

I won’t hold back

To spare your soul

This generation’s

Stripper pole

So take your turn

Just mind your grip

This slippery game

Of just the tip

Serial Prize

Experimental suffering

The ropes, they burn

The blade ,she stings

The flesh, it cuts

The blood, it flows

The organs fail

And no one knows

The body rots

Beneath the soil

A million years?

A spot of oil

To future failed


But for the moment

You and me

I felt the need

You fit the bill

I questioned all

I slipped the pill

And loosened tongue

Allowed my joy

To overflow

My newest toy

Your eyes, they watch

My every move

But I won’t stop

I’ve hit my groove

I must enjoy this

While I may

The headlines coming

Any day

Will let all know

I’m still around

Beware your children

Mask your sound

Steer clear the woods

For trees ignore

The killer’s dance

The fallen whore

The funeral feast

The falling tears

Till my return

Enjoy your fears


The scent of autumn on the breeze
Summer sun grows weary
Rays are getting weaker

Shadows on the bridge of time
The river flows tonight
Sleepy eyed in darkness

First snow blankets the mother
Silence in eerie ghost white
Hunters own the forest

She stares in helpless wonder
The midnight angel sees all
Nature has its feast


Shy is something that you’re not

Your worldly fears are few

The maker took my vocal curse

And passed it down to you

You’ve always been the tough one

Standing up for those you love

And if they didn’t listen

Then you just gave them shove

Your beauty is unequaled

And your wit as sharp as knives

Always making enemies

And future jealous wives

Don’t ever let them bring you down

Don’t ever run and hide

Your nickname don’t describe you

And I’m glad you’re on my side


You came into this world

With open eyes and innocence

and betrothed to introduction

to a world that’s choked by fence

separating all the races

and the women come in last

‘cause the men are dominating

And they mostly cum too fast

It’s a world so full of hatred

Quite a sin to bring you here

Where the rich man owns your feelings

And the poor man feeds your fear

Where you’ll suffer every failure

And you’ll endure every hurt

You were mother’s precious baby

since your daddy’s little squirt

learn to cherish every moment

learn to teach from your mistake

show the world you’re not a failure

bend the rules until they break

always watch the silent prowler

always shun the noisy crowd

and don’t miss the chance for greatness

lend your voice and sing out loud

make them hear you in their castles

shake their walls with every word

and don’t spare the epic chorus

when their rules become absurd


Broken shades

Forest view


He has a few

Mullins plays

Music leads

Closed away

Fate succeeds

Words escape

Words create

Words of love

Words of hate

Lives are born

Lives are ended

God of pages

Souls ascended

Grits his teeth

Clears his mind

Fades away

Vows unbind

Lonely Sunday

Spirits lift

Magic made

Writers gift


Tears descend from heaven

Earthly destination

Thirsty life awaits

It seeks rejuvenation

Cleansing dusty bodies

Humanity’s great sin

Forget your fears and failures

And let the love begin

Ten Times Better


Creeping through the curtains

Where did the night go

I’m not certain

Who the hell is snoring in my room


Can’t find the light switch

No clothes

Who is this blonde bitch?

I’ll just pray she doesn’t wake up soon

Long miles

Rolling back behind me

Bald tires

Working just to be free

Why can’t I just find a nine to five

Tired eyes

No way to mask it


Nowhere but the casket

Often wonder how I stay alive

I’d give anything

To have a taste of home

An easy job

No more to roam

Pass out, wake up, do it all again

Why the hell would I complain?

Damn I’m good…almost insane

But I’d be ten times better if I had time for heroin…

The Letter

You turned your back

When needed most

Your soldiers killed

My silent ghost

The letter came

I read in tears

Almost alone

To face my fears

For most my life

I would rely

On two that cared

But made me cry

The distance grew

But not my fault

Your loving words

Came to a halt

You took from me

All that was left

My former life

Religious theft

Nothing has ever

Been the same

Not since the day

You signed your name

The Preacher

Your knowledge spilled onto the ground

My laughter was the final sound

You heard before your trek on high

The joy to see you finally die

I cursed your name for years and years

Those late night screams and morning tears

The ones above, they heard my pleas

To put an end to your disease

It went so deep, my hate for you

You hated me, this much is true

Without just cause and without reason

My hatred caused your final season

I’ve journeyed not to see your stone

You’re better off left all alone

Perhaps again but not so tragic

My power surge of modern magic

The Rattler

I wait for inspiration

Looking left and looking right

I’m longing for the moonrise

Navigate me through the night

Where city glow can’t see me

Cactus shadow in the dark

I’m searching for the pavements end

Dirt mazes in the dark

The distant eyes approach me

Filled with wonder, they grow near

Am I hunter now or hunted?

Neither one of us show fear

We stare with death between us

Now the contest has begun

We play the role of gambler

But the fates control which one

Then with a flash, it’s over

And the darkness claims her prize

My newest friend has disappeared

Retreating would be wise

I’ll never trust a human

But a snake is always true

His venom is too precious

To be wasted without due

The Wolves Are Closing In

I have pondered every ending
I have counted every sin
I have reached my last forever
now the wolves are closing in

I have barred the door behind me
every window locked within
though I know it will not stop them
now the wolves are closing in

My sword is at the ready
and the blood will soon begin
I prepare to close the curtain
now the wolves are closing in

Their eyes, they crave the carnage
as they flee their ancient den
They can taste my fear approaching
now the wolves are closing in

Their teeth aglow with vengeance
as their claws invade my skin
there’s no victory expected
when the wolves are closing in

My breathing becomes shallow
and my essence growing thin
There’s no chance I’ll see tomorrow
for the wolves are closing in

…and the wolves shall always win


Let’s change the tone to funny

Gonna try to make you laugh

Like maybe finding mother

Getting humped by a giraffe

You think that’s much too twisted

Well then try this on for size

No matter that you shut the door

You still can hear her cries

You think maybe she likes it?

Is that pleasure in her voice?

You see the size of that giraffe?

She doesn’t have a choice!

How’d he get inside there?

How’d he fit through your front door?

Relax, it’s just a poem, dude

Leave physics on the floor

I hope you found this funny

And I hope it made you smile

Just keep your mom out of the zoo

She’ll need to rest awhile


The teasing claw holds Heaven’s cup

Trapped at the bottom looking up

I crave a drop of someone else’s soul

To give up now would be absurd

This birthright curse of spoken word

I can’t escape the prison of this hole

I pray to someone everyday

To take my hand or light my way

Yet, clueless, I still walk this lonely life

My prayers fall on deafened ears

I take deep breaths to face my fears

This emptiness personified; My wife

The window through this gaping gash

For you to view my gathered trash

May not be offering reality

The eyes see what the world defines

We take the ticket; Pay the fine

Accepting those above’s authority

Why can’t we live by our own will?

To follow, fuck, or fight, or kill?

or do whatever madness comes to mind?

Inside our heads, we own the land

Enforcing laws by ruling hand

Unbiased self-approval undefined


You live the life I wouldn’t live

You’ve got it all planned out

The things I often yearned for

Are the things you’ll do without

I’ve tried my best to teach you

How to not end up like me

To never settle as a slave

And make them pay your fee

To see the world and break your chains

And open all the doors

I never followed my Dad

So you shouldn’t follow yours

The greatest treasure in the world

I have already won

That day is burned in history

The day I called you son


No one will miss

Your presence here

You have no home

Nothing to fear

Just come inside

And breathe your last

My gentle smile

and shotgun blast

The blood-stained walls

A story paints

The final page

My victim faints

But springs alive

When knife blades slice

To feel his fear

My only vice

The screams unheard

The muffled cries

The essence fades

He slowly dies

Oh vagabond

Thanks for the game

I’ll dump your corpse

I’ll show no shame

The father’s loss

Your grieving mothers

Tomorrows game

To hunt for others


One more morning

Sun breaks through

The darkened veil

To shine on you

The comfort comes

I pour the life

From heaven’s bowl

My daybreak wife

The knife I wield

The fork I stab

Still hot on plate

From burning slab

I’d marry you

My waffle dear

But laws prevent

Or so I hear…


He sat alone

On broken stool

Revealing soul

Or playing fool

His old guitar

Was polished bright

From that first note

He owned the night.

All eyes on him

All hands on beer

All ears amazed

From what they hear

The fingers bled

The soul was freed

He worked the neck

With lightning speed.

Then silence came

The tension, great

Their hands collided

Took the bait

The hat was tipped

He closed the case

A wicked smile

Came to his face.

That crowded bar

Belonged to him

And even though

The lights were dim

His shining face

They won’t forget

With devil’s coins

He placed the bet.

Week 3

Winter fire,

melted dreams,

stir in sleep,

silent screams,

born again,

morning rise,

face the day,

child’s cries,

talk the talk,

promise dared,

reach the end,

darkness scared,

back to wall,

daring heart,

take me back,

to the start.


A whisper in sorrow

A scream to the deaf

A flash to the blind

You have nothing left

Your pockets are empty

Your life on the floor

The future is shattered

Can’t take anymore

Your friends are against you

Your family’s a joke

Each breath is a nightmare

You try not to choke

The grass is not greener

Regardless of side

The monsters are coming

With nowhere to hide

The devil’s a seamstress

That’s stitching your scars

Your night sky is empty

Just black with no stars

Go forth and find shelter

 the rain’s never-ending

Your fate unaware

The message I’m sending

Give up there’s no hope

Every truth hides a lie

Every word is a weapon

Life’s destined to die


Horizon screams

Like ancient dreams

The blue skies hide in fear

Angry skies

Start to arise

The wrath is drawing near

Almost an art

It tears apart

Our peoples’ daily lives

Like drums, she beats

And floods our streets

Her children sting like knives

Swirling around

Our voices drown

No one to grab our hand

A huddled mass

The hourglass

Reveals the fading sand


Everything I ever did, I did because of you

Near suicide

I almost died

That’s Just to name a few

Everything I ever failed, I failed because of you

The Army Green

The writers dream

There’s nothing I could do

Every nightmare ever dreamed, I dreamed because of you

The waking sweats

The deepest debts

And those to yet come due

Every night I ever cried, I cried because of you

The cheater’s bids

The missing kids

I had to start things new

Everything I’ll ever be, I’ll be because of you

It’s not the same

They’ll know my name

I think I hear my queue…

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