Paranormal Research

From 2004 until 2016, I was the co-founder of Paranormal Research and Investigations of North Texas (P.R.I.N.T.). I won’t go into it here. It was a wild ride, can be researched on Google, and experienced in my novel Diary Of A Gonzo Ghost Hunter. I’ve tried my best to put this part of my world behind me with little success. Since this former life of mine just can’t seem to leave me alone, I will ONLY entertain the most serious requests. My investigations are simple, yet complicated. Each witness will be interviewed on camera to be studied by a professional criminal investigator and the investigation will be performed by a skeleton crew team with minimal equipment. Television ghost hunters with truckloads of gear are for show, not real life. If you can’t agree to these terms, then you can live with your paranormal problem. If you can, Contact me here.

Diary Of A Gonzo Ghost Hunter

Black Rose Writing – 2018

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Most people run away from the unknown. Me? I chose to run toward it and never look back. Unaware of the consequences of my actions in small town Texas, I dove deep into paranormal research. It consumed my entire life. Taken from a decade of personal journals and interpreted by Rae Louise, Diary of a Gonzo Ghost Hunter is an extremely honest journey down a road less traveled. What shadows lurk in the darkness outside of bedroom doors? I was determined to find out.

What’s it like to walk in the shoes of a ghost hunter? It’s all here. As someone who lived through what you’re about to experience, it is difficult for me to read. For some, it will be the fuel that drives their curiosity. But for others … let it be a warning. Every step you take toward the dead leads you further from the living.