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The Latest: PsychoToxin Press charity anthology “666 Flags” containing the short story “Full Circle” to be released on July 15th, 2023!

  • Daily Poll

    Daily Poll

    Do you remember your favorite book from childhood? Where The Red Fern Grows You?

  • The Frat House

    The Frat House

    The Gonzo Journals June 7th, 2023 In the immortal words of Dante Hicks, “I’m not even supposed to be here today.” We purchased a couch a few days ago and paid a little extra for a quick delivery. That delivery was scheduled between 1pm and 5pm yesterday, then rescheduled between 4pm and 8pm yesterday, then…

  • Donut Dodo Livestream

    Donut Dodo Livestream

    Like donuts? Hate birds? I have a game for you. This is by far (in my opinion) the best modern retro title out there. The graphics, the gameplay, and the music are top notch. Enjoy!

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