Head Blown!

Featuring the C. Derick Miller story “Fluffy”!

The 2023 Texas Author Con Anthology!

Featuring contributions from fabulous horror authors such as Heather Miller, Megan Stockton, Mike Ennenbach, D.W. Hitz, Matt Micheli, Chris Miller, Jay Bower, C Derick Miller, Bruce Cuttman, Eric Butler, Ruthann Jagge, Jason Nickey, Ben Chadwick, Chase Will, B.L. Blankenship, Kayla Krantz, Merrill David, and a foreword from Patrick C. Harrison III, this filthy collection of extreme body horror tales is not for those easily offended. These stories contain common tropes used within the broader horror genre, as well as some characteristics more specific to the body horror subgenre to include; pornography, invasion, contagion, mutation, transformation, disease, mutilation, or other unnatural or violent distortions of the human body. Be warned; readers may experience feelings of terror through horror, sympathy through melodrama, or sexual arousal through pornography. So, with all of that being said, read this collection ONLY if you dare to have your Head BLOWN !
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