Who Am I?

My plea to readers: Write reviews! It doesn’t Need to be a work of professionalism. It can be simple. 5 stars, awesome. 1 star, it sucked. Something like that. If readers don’t write reviews, writers don’t get noticed by new readers and the powers that be in the publishing industry. It seriously takes 5 seconds. In the time it takes to make one horribly misspelled, unchecked facts political post on Facebook, you could’ve reviewed five or six novels on Amazon or Goodreads. Please…won’t you do it for the writers? Do I need to post a photo of a sad, abused animal to get people’s attention? It works for Sarah McLachlan, doesn’t it? WRITE REVIEWS.

Please feel free to contact me regarding books, book reviews, music, request a paranormal investigation, or to schedule a wedding. I’ll even entertain a personal question or two from time to time. Thank you for your continued support. Keep Believing!

Also, contact me here for autographed, personalized copies of books. I can make arrangements through PayPal, GooglePay, SamsungPay, Square, Venmo, and Zelle!