Anti-Social Media

I’m standing at the virtual crossroads, but my soul was signed away to the eDevil a long time ago.

Neighborhood Blades

These were some of the best moments I spent with my grandfather outside of a fishing boat.

Happy Halloween!

WARNING: This post may not be for my readers with weak nerves. Read at your own risk…


Do you have any instincts that kick in from your youth during moments of high stress?

It’s Here!

Was there something in your life that seemed to mean the world to you but others just couldn’t understand?

Calendar Check

What is your favorite part of the country to experience Autumn?


You can never judge how far you’ve come as an artist until you look back at the beginning!

Day One. Again.

It’s been too long since I first had this dream. The color in my facial hair is long gone and the hair atop my head won’t be far behind.

Smoothie Sailing

What are some of your favorite foods or drinks that you loved as a child, or even as an adult, but can’t or won’t have now?

Frustration Blog

What was the most frustrated you’ve ever been at a minor situation?

Is It Here?

What are some of your favorite fall weather memories?

Life Tracking

How did your parents and grandparents handle work responsibilities and finances?

Where Were You?

Where were you and what were you doing on the day our American world stopped turning?


I can think of much worse things to be addicted to than working out!

Strange Blood

Now, what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth. I’d swear on stacks of any books you’d want to put in front of me. Here we go…


Is there a book you read in your youth that influenced you to become the person you are today?

Further, Faster

Was there something you always wanted to do but never quite got around to it? A regret, or a sigh of relief?


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Drawing A Blank

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Musical Memories

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