0315 – Socialized Medicine, I Am Lisa, and Witches Of Barcelona!

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-2vu4v-1055332 0315 – Socialized Medicine, I Am Lisa, and Witches Of Barcelona! Books and Smack! We Talk Both… Author C. Derick Miller And Graphic Artist Sam Cloud-Miller Offer Random Thoughts On Books, Film, Music, Today’s Topics, And Life From Bishop Arts District! Find ‘Butterflies Make Me Angry’ on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio Podcasts,Continue reading “0315 – Socialized Medicine, I Am Lisa, and Witches Of Barcelona!”

Life Untitled

Life Untitled By C. Derick Miller 6.3.21 Clock in Clock out Repeat Or do without No food No home No life Boring tome Create Masticate Fornicate And procreate Unwilled Cruel fate Wanted not Masturbate Long road Nice view Winding path Skipped few Worn feet Broken will Journeys end Time to kill Inner Earth Return toContinue reading “Life Untitled”

Lucky Mirror

Lucky Mirror By C. Derick Miller 5/29/21 Why can’t I be the mirror Always knowing where you are A reflection of your beauty Somewhat present, never far To enhance your every sparkle Warming sunlight on your face And the echo of your laughter Which no distance can erase Absent now, I miss your essence DistantContinue reading “Lucky Mirror”

Dawn’s Recital

Dawn’s Recital C. Derick Miller 5.26.21 Unbridled Nudity Cheats of the flesh Surefire attention Shape disregarded Dawn’s recital Senseless display Abundant entertainment For the weak among us all No shortcut needed Sight’s hunger awakened Mirror’s delight Slowly she covers Eyes closed by perfection Unraveled inches Women’s true definition I wake to watch her dress