Season 1 Episode 8: Headers, Hometown News, and Heartache Season 1 Episode 8! Sam and Chad discuss Edward Lee’s “Headers”, dive into some “Hometown News” to discuss the Machete Manhunt, and give a report on the Bishop Arts District candlelight vigil for El Paso’s shooting victims.  C.Derick Miller is an author and gonzo journalist from the conservative community of Greenville, TX. Sam CloudContinue reading “Season 1 Episode 8: Headers, Hometown News, and Heartache”

Let’s Settle This!

OK. Let’s settle this once and for all. A few days ago, the co-host from the Literary License Podcast asked… Dave or Sammy? To the young people out there, this is the age old question of who was the best Van Halen front man. (Gary doesn’t count. Van Halen III was a beer coaster). IContinue reading “Let’s Settle This!”

Farewell To Adam Bell

As every working musician knows, bands rarely remain the same for long, particularly when the members are “grown ups” – i.e., they have careers, families, and responsibilities at home. The more dramatic band break-ups among the “rock star” groups often make headlines with scandalous stories of disagreements between members or worse. But in real life, thereContinue reading “Farewell To Adam Bell”