Wolfe City Texas UFO Sighting?

The things you find on the internet are amazing! I actually remember this night. It made the local papers, if I remember correctly, and there was even a Sheriff’s deputy who reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Maybe that was another sighting. I can’t remember. Google is free. Anyway, Hunt County’s UFO sightings fromContinue reading “Wolfe City Texas UFO Sighting?”

Season 1 Episode 8: Headers, Hometown News, and Heartache

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-c4xiw-bb9fa9 Season 1 Episode 8! Sam and Chad discuss Edward Lee’s “Headers”, dive into some “Hometown News” to discuss the Machete Manhunt, and give a report on the Bishop Arts District candlelight vigil for El Paso’s shooting victims.  C.Derick Miller is an author and gonzo journalist from the conservative community of Greenville, TX. Sam CloudContinue reading “Season 1 Episode 8: Headers, Hometown News, and Heartache”

Front Page News!

Author pens superhero story for real-life heroes By Travis Hairgrove | Herald-Banner Staff       Combining elements of the supernatural horror, adventure and superhero genres, Greenville-born dark fiction author C. Derick Miller’s latest novel, “Extinguished,” is scheduled for release on Aug. 1. The book tells the story of a young woman firefighter, Angel Burns, who comesContinue reading “Front Page News!”

“Random Madness” Goes Live!

Season 1 Episode 1: School District Sued Over Repeated Sexual Assaults! Read the whole article here https://www.heraldbanner.com/news/loc… C. Derick Miller is an author and gonzo journalist from the conservative community of Greenville, TX. Sam Cloud is a graphic artist and liberal rights activist from Austin, TX. Sounds like a good combination for a podcast, doesn’tContinue reading ““Random Madness” Goes Live!”

Farewell To Adam Bell

As every working musician knows, bands rarely remain the same for long, particularly when the members are “grown ups” – i.e., they have careers, families, and responsibilities at home. The more dramatic band break-ups among the “rock star” groups often make headlines with scandalous stories of disagreements between members or worse. But in real life, thereContinue reading “Farewell To Adam Bell”