Farewell To Adam Bell

As every working musician knows, bands rarely remain the same for long, particularly when the members are “grown ups” – i.e., they have careers, families, and responsibilities at home. The more dramatic band break-ups among the “rock star” groups often make headlines with scandalous stories of disagreements between members or worse. But in real life, there … Continue reading Farewell To Adam Bell

Documentary Filmmaker Scott Poggensee Discusses The Brandon Woodruff Case On KNON!

My colleague and friend Scott Poggensee is a documentary filmmaker from Dallas, Texas on a quest to make the impossible possible. Listen, keep an open mind, and support this cause. You can also read my review of the film here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbZ5_wllPmg&list=PLccEq-7fTYZ9LHBejj315m9lXruw2HRrG