Season 2 Episode 15: The Ruin Season by Kristopher Triana!!! Season 2 Episode 15: The Ruin Season by Kristopher Triana!!! Ready to meet an indie author? We will read you the first chapter. It’s up to you to finish the book! C. Derick Miller is an author, producer, screenwriter, and gonzo journalist from the conservative community of Greenville, TX. Sam Cloud-Miller is a graphicContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 15: The Ruin Season by Kristopher Triana!!!”

Far From Home Available Now!

Far From Home (Home Series Book II) is available now for Amazon Kindle! The paperback will hit next week. A Curse Beyond Comprehension. A Power Beyond Belief. A Girl Far From Home. Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student…or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking up five years after the events ofContinue reading “Far From Home Available Now!”