Under The Weather

Under The Weather 7.29.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video It’s currently a blazing hot summer day in Dallas, Texas (just like every other summer day in Dallas, Texas), but I’m watching the sun slowly disappear behind clouds outside my office window. The fact of the matter is, North Texas weather isContinue reading “Under The Weather”

Zoe Hits 50!

Know what this means? Probably nothing lol. It’s been rumored for years that Amazon will use your product in marketing materials if it reaches 50 ratings. No one has ever been able to prove this. Still, this is the first solo work of mine to ever hit this mythical number on Amazon so I’m slightlyContinue reading “Zoe Hits 50!”

Seventh Inning Stretch

Seventh Inning Stretch 7.26.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video It was early Sunday morning and a cool, summer breeze was blowing through what would’ve been my hair. I say that, of course, because I choose to be a bald guy. Absolute choice. My wife takes it straight down to the scalpContinue reading “Seventh Inning Stretch”