Innocence Project In On Board!

To those who follow the American Justice podcast with me and Scott Poggensee, the Innocence Project has agreed to devote all their resources to the Brandon Woodruff case! Years of Scott’s dedication and a slight sprinkle of my wordsmithery (yes, it’s a word because I said so) may now give a wrongfully incarcerated man aContinue reading “Innocence Project In On Board!”

Texas Injustice Update

1/23/21 – Texas Injustice, the upcoming Netflix documentary covering the controversial North Texas murders of Dennis and Norma Woodruff, has found a producer! Directed by Scott Poggensee and written by C. Derick Miller, the project has now found its financial backing as well. Already a two hour documentary film directed by Poggensee, the Netflix seriesContinue reading “Texas Injustice Update”