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And Hell Followed

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Available Now!!! – Seventeen authors re-imagine the biblical apocalypse and all the hell that follows sixteen horrifying tales. What if the prophecies of Revelation hit today? What sort of craziness and evil would ensue? With this list of excellent authors contributing, it’s sure to be a Hell of a read! Contains the C. Derick Miller short story ‘Hell Paso’.


Wrath James White
Sam West
The Sisters of Slaughter
Jeff Strand
K Trap Jones
C Derick Miller
Christine Morgan
Patrick C. Harrison III
John Wayne Comunale
Hyäne Sawbones
Delphine Quinn
James Watts
Wile E. Young
Chris Miller
Mark Deloy
Richard Raven

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Far From Home

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A Curse Beyond Comprehension.

A Power Beyond Belief.

A Girl Far From Home.

Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student…or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking up five years after the events of A Taste of Home, Katie has dropped out of school and embarked upon a dangerous quest to find Kurt Jimmerson, the New York City attorney responsible for her family’s werewolf curse. Unknown to her, the attorney’s grip on the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ is tighter than imagined and she’ll need any and all help available to be victorious. But… where do you find friends when you’re Far From Home?

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A Taste Of Home

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Toby Liberman is nearing the end of his rope. After a fateful confrontation with his wife’s lover, he is chased into the woods only to be discovered by an unidentifiable creature. He is attacked and rendered unconscious. Upon waking at the scene of a gruesome triple homicide, Toby is arrested as the sole suspect and thrown into a jail cell with a strange man that knows way too much about his predicament. The stranger reveals to Toby that he now possesses the curse of the werewolf. Using his new-found strength to flee his captors, Toby begins to discover that things are not what they seem in the sleepy town of Twin Oaks, TX. Now hunted by law enforcement, as well as the town’s gun toting civilians, Toby seeks vengeance against his false accusers and embarks upon a quest to clear his name once and for all.

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Diary Of A Gonzo Ghost Hunter

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Most people run away from the unknown. Me? I chose to run toward it and never look back. Unaware of the consequences of my actions in small town Texas, I dove deep into paranormal research. It consumed my entire life. Taken from a decade of personal journals and interpreted by Rae Louise, Diary of a Gonzo Ghost Hunter is an extremely honest journey down a road less traveled. What shadows lurk in the darkness outside of bedroom doors? I was determined to find out.

What’s it like to walk in the shoes of a ghost hunter? It’s all here. As someone who lived through what you’re about to experience, it is difficult for me to read. For some, it will be the fuel that drives their curiosity. But for others … let it be a warning. Every step you take toward the dead leads you further from the living.

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Beast – A New Beginning

Available Now – Beast – A New Beginning – Contains the short story ‘Nemesis’ – Purchase from Amazon

Featuring the talents of Melissa R Mendelson, Brooke Lerma, Pamela O’Herlihy, Will Millar, Jason White, Richard Chizmar, Ryan C Thomas, Joshua Hider, Rae Louise, Rogan O’Herlihy, Fiona Dodwell, Elizabeth Wixley, Michael Schutz, Rob Smith, Eric Arvin, C Derick Miller, Tracy Gagnon, Joshua Mason, Christopher D Abbott, JF G Cottam, Mikhail Lerma, Iain Rob Wright and Jack Ketchum. This is an excellent collection of short stories which explores man and their interaction with the different species on this great planet earth. Each tale was especially written for this very special anthology dealing and exploring different genres from horror, real life, science fiction and humour to name just a few. Beast : A New Beginning is repackaged book which was initially released as Beast: Genesis and Beast: Revelations. Some stories have been added and some taken away to provide a more comprehensive foray into different genres and provide a more cohesive flow. If you are looking for an exciting book full of suspense and awe, you can’t go wrong with Beast: A New Beginning. Sometimes nature has a way to even the score.

Looking for the older stuff? Wanting to find copies of A Ghost Hunter’s Journal, We Believe You, Reflections, Beasts-Revelations, or Pages From The Bottom Drawer? I wish you the best of luck – C