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24 Hour Deadman’s Tome Podcast (My 2 Hours)

25YL Nails The Indie Industry (with a little quote from your’s truly)

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Documentary Filmmaker Scott Poggensee Discusses The Brandon Woodruff Case On KNON!

American Inc. Interview

Author D. Lieber Interview

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TBM Interview 12.19.18

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C. Derick Miller On Deadman’s Tome Podcast 12.15.18

C. Derick Miller On The Literary License Podcast 12.8.18

Karen’s Killer Book Bench Meets Far From Home!

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Original ‘Katie’ Artwork By Danny Daniels

‘Far From Home’ Hits The Big Thrill Magazine!

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Author Tristan Drue Rogers Reviews ‘A Taste Of Home’!

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Interviewed Again On Karen’s Killer Book Bench!


Karen’s Killer Book Bench: A TASTE OF HOME, Home Series Book 1, #Horror #Fantasy by C. Derick Miller

Interviewed on Karen’s Killer Book Bench


Karen’s Killer Book Bench: DIARY OF A GONZO GHOST HUNTER, Adventure & Explorer Biographies by C. Derick Miller

Martin Matthews Interviews ME!



The Literary License Podcast: The Witches Of Eastwick

Texas Justice: Brandon Woodruff by Scott Poggensee

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Beyond McCarron’s Corner: Sassy’s Story by Sharon K. Middleton published 9.23.18

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Z.O.S. – A Memoir by Kay Merkel Boruff published 9.16.18

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Hill House Manor: A Fictional Beginning by Linda Anthony Hill Published 9.9.18

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Brush Your Little Pearly Whites by David Canzonari and Christina Darty Published 9.2.18 (with guest reviewer Alyce Miller)

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Brush Your Little Pearly Whites COVER OUTSIDE colors

The Hunter Chronicles: Life Lessons From Another Species by Rick Parent – Published 8.26.18

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Brothers of Blood by Tristan Drue Rogers – Published 8.19.18

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The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning by Terry Money – Published 8.12.18

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Spectacular Weekend Getaways Of Texas by Jolie Berry – Published 8.5.18

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The Anchor Is The Key by Linda Anthony Hill – Published 7.29.18

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Anchor Cover

Rio Harrison by Mike Bendall

Published 7.22.18

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What The Valley Knows by Heather Christie – Published 7.15.18

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What The Valley Knows