Library Thing Pre-Release Review For ‘A Taste Of Home’!

Library Thing has given their pre-release review for the upcoming novel ‘A Taste Of Home’ As with film, professional reviewers are way more critical than fans…unless you’re reviewing The Last Jedi.

“What a lovely book this is!
Very masculine: the fear your wife will like another man better, the impossibility to face the fact your cute little daughter is in fact rapidly becoming a woman, and the feeling that violence is a solution to everything. (In this case it is of course, a werewolf has to have its way. 🙂 )
It is clear the author had much fun writing this book. Yes, certain things could have been done better, but the pleasure in writing makes up for it.


Welcome To C Derick Miller . Com!

Welcome to the official site of C. Derick Miller! Author, Gonzo journalist, freelance A&E journalist, ASCAP songwriter, poet, paranormal investigator, and ordained minister…there’s a little bit of something here for everyone! Into dark fiction? There are books to quench your thirst for the shadows! Are you a musician looking for a lyricist? I’m a recorded wordsmith and ASCAP member! Looking to get married but not comfortable with most preachers and JP’s? I’m an officially licensed minister that’s married all types of couples in all kinds of places. Even cemeteries. Looking for a paranormal investigator? I have 15 years in the field. Feel free to contact me here or on any of my social media pages. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep believing…

Upcoming Novel “Extinguished” Hits The 70% Mark!

First of all…can you believe it’s not about werewolves?

Second…this is not my photograph. I found it on the internet after I wrote my character. Ironic that they’re similar in physical appearance and profession. It’s actually from the Slickforce Girl collection. Cool Stuff! Google search ‘hot, blonde firefighters’ when you get a chance. You’re welcome.

Angel Burns is a young fire fighter with a shrouded history. During a routine night at work, she accidentally stumbles upon a demonic ceremony that brings her memories out of hiding…as well as her repressed supernatural powers. Angel soon learns that her life was intended for something greater than extinguishing fires for mortals as she dives deeper into the demonic underworld. Now on the payroll of the Vatican, Angel embarks upon an epic quest to protect the Gutenberg Bibles from the clutches of evil. If successful, she will secure peace for generations to come. If she fails, the power of the ancient books will be unleashed to possess the most powerful figure on the face of the planet!


Wanderlust Ignited!

I was up all night (not in the GOOD way) dealing with a water leak situation. Luckily, I was awake when the newspaper arrived to see yet another great review in The Greenville Herald Banner! That editor really makes me look good! I’ll post the link as soon as it’s available. Until then, here is a crappy photo I took!