Minister Miller Presents Billy And Seneca McDaniel!

One of my favorite things to do on the planet!

The Wind The Willows Bookstore In Greenville, TX!

I was on my way to perform a wedding and suddenly threw on the brakes! I was actually home in time to visit The Wind The Willows Bookstore in my hometown of Greenville, TX so I jumped on the opportunity. The owner, Mary Grace Rodriguez, is a total sweetheart! She knew me as soon as I introduced myself! She’d assisted Leah Warren, the editor of A Taste Of Home’s MBLA London publication, and we’d never met or spoken before! I purchased my own copy of The Catcher In The Rye while I was there because I’ll be damned if a book is going to beat me! I began reading it six months ago and set it down halfway through. I believe I began to read it too late in life. I’m a veteran, father, and grandfather. I couldn’t relate. Well, I refuse to give up! There is also a possibility she’ll be carrying my books in the near future so please go and visit her in the Uptown Forum in downtown Greenville!

It’s Like Ray-eeeee-ain, On Your Wedding Day!

Today, I get to perform one of my most favorite activities in the world! I get the pleasure of conducting a wedding for two people. I’ve been an ordained minister for the last few years and I believe this couple will be my 10th wedding! I’m not counting. The ceremony is set on a lake shore and the forecast calls for rain. I don’t care. I can’t seem to stay married, or dating for that matter, but I absolutely love joining two people together in marriage. It’s an artist’s curse, I guess. Love is a beautiful thing! If  you love someone, let them know. Screw everything else standing in your way. Jobs end, money never lasts, but love is forever if you put if first! Unfortunately, I keep ending up with people who can’t quite grasp that concept. I’m 44 now. I have three divorces under my belt and an ever growing list of people I’ve ‘dated’ that can’t seem to match me in the emotional attachment department. I’ve learned to live with it. Until then, I will continue sending people on their journey of love in order to gain personal satisfaction. Those that can’t play, coach. Those that can’t love, marry. I need that on a T Shirt!

Are You A Texas Author?

Hello Texas!

I’m the Arts & Entertainment Contributor for the Greenville Herald Banner. If you’re a Texas author, have Texas roots, or your book involves Texas in any way, I would love to read and review it in the newspaper! Right now, my review load is nearing the 90 day waiting list so Contact Me soon! Keep Believing…

3 Weeks Away!!!

The re-release of A Taste Of Home is just around the corner! Releasing on August 30th, you can still pre-order with Black Rose! Use code PREORDER2018 to receive a 10% discount! Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I hope you enjoy the book!