Texas Justice:Brandon Woodruff Film Screening

Want to see the film version of the American Justice Podcast Season One? Tickets are available now but seating is limited due to social distancing. Dinner and drinks will be available for purchase as well. This screening will happen at the Texan Theater in Greenville, Tx…right across the street from the Hunt County Court House where Brandon Woodruff was convicted. Come see the film from inside the lion’s den! Also, you can listen/watch Season One of the American Justice Podcast at the link below. Come informed!


Season One Recap!

Season one of the American Justice Podcast has come to a close! See and hear more at http://www.americanjusticepodcast.com

Season 2?

We shall see.

I Can Live With That

When Splatterpunk author of the year Christine Morgan says Starving Zoe is 3 Starts, I have no grounds to disagree! Many great novels and albums over the years have been considered ‘middle of the road’…

“This installment in the ongoing kickbutt Splatter Western series takes a bit of a departure from the others; instead of a large cast of characters with a whole shootin’ gallery of body count, the stage is set for much more solitary, lonesome, personal horror. (In some scenes, extremely personal; really bad stuff happens to really sensitive body parts, and “degloved” isn’t usually a word you’d want associated with any of them … yeesh!)

Robert Jack’s childhood is like something out of Dickens by way of Gangs of New York, an Irish orphan growing up fending for himself on the mean city streets, getting by however he can and building up a reputation.

Eventually, though, the heat gets too hot, and he heads out west with his sweetheart, Zoe. Their plans to start fresh and make a life together are interrupted when the past and the law catch up with them, resulting in Robert agreeing to join the Confederate Army.

It’s the classic tale, a soldier far from home, thinking longingly of the girl he left behind and how happy they’ll be … only to finally get there and discover one rude awakening. Turns out Zoe has been less than faithful, and just like that Robert Jack’s world shatters into vengeful violence.

A cavalcade of ugliness, awfulness, and atrocities ensue as Robert’s true hateful nature is starkly revealed (with heaping helpings of racism and sexism) and Zoe — or, what’s left of her — seeks her own monstrous revenge. And there’s no escaping from it; the most abominable aspects are referenced and relived to the point of feeling almost belabored, risking losing their effectiveness from sheer overload.

I did stumble a few times over some anachronistic-seeming word choices, and I’m still not quite sure I get how the “starving” aspect of the title was meant to fit. Overall, far from a fun feel-good read, heavy on the hate and gore and nastiness, definitely not for everyone.” – Christine Morgan

Husband/Wife Horror Team-Up?

Little known fact: Some of the most horrific parts of Starving Zoe came from the brilliant/twisted mind of my darling bride Mrs. Sam Cloud-Miller! She stood behind me every step of the way and encouraged me to let go of my filter. So, I did. Now, it’s the most divisive thing ever released under my name. It really depends on what kind of person you are as to whether or not you ‘get it’. Half do. Half don’t. You’re welcome!

Now, based on a childhood legend from within the walls of my own upbringing, we will be offering you a science fiction/horror mashup that will make you fear anal probing in the deep, dark night. This is assuming you don’t already fear random acts of anal probing. I know. It’s a leap, right?

No, this will not be a disgusting romp through space like Starving Zoe. We will strive to make it more horror and less Splatterpunk. Who knows where this road will take us? I guess we’ll all find out in 2021 when Blue Man comes to visit!

So, here it is. Official. C. Derick and Sam Cloud-Miller’s first collaboration…

Blue Man

Thirteen-year-old Thomas Jensen was forced to watch helplessly as his younger brother fell victim to the mysterious ‘Watchers in the Window.’ Haunted by memories of events with no tangible explanation, he became determined to find answers. Thirty years later, he’s the youngest Mayor ever elected in the city of Rainy Day, TX. His hidden agenda? To uncover the town elders’ sinister lies regarding unsolved kidnappings from his childhood. After a visit from the elusive Blue Man, Thomas learns that sleeping secrets are better left undisturbed.

See you next year…

Texas Justice: Brandon Woodruff

More info coming soon…