The teasing claw holds Heaven’s cup

Trapped at the bottom looking up

I crave a drop of someone else’s soul

To give up now would be absurd

This birthright curse of spoken word

I can’t escape the prison of this hole

I pray to someone everyday

To take my hand or light my way

Yet, clueless, I still walk this lonely life

My prayers fall on deafened ears

I take deep breaths to face my fears

This emptiness personified; My wife

The window through this gaping gash

For you to view my gathered trash

May not be offering reality

The eyes see what the world defines

We take the ticket; Pay the fine

Accepting those above’s authority

Why can’t we live by our own will?

To follow, fuck, or fight, or kill?

or do whatever madness comes to mind?

Inside our heads, we own the land

Enforcing laws by ruling hand

Unbiased self-approval undefined

The Wolves Are Closing In

I have pondered every ending
I have counted every sin
I have reached my last forever
now the wolves are closing in

I have barred the door behind me
every window locked within
though I know it will not stop them
now the wolves are closing in

My sword is at the ready
and the blood will soon begin
I prepare to close the curtain
now the wolves are closing in

Their eyes, they crave the carnage
as they flee their ancient den
They can taste my fear approaching
now the wolves are closing in

Their teeth aglow with vengeance
as their claws invade my skin
there’s no victory expected
when the wolves are closing in

My breathing becomes shallow
and my essence growing thin
There’s no chance I’ll see tomorrow
for the wolves are closing in

…and the wolves shall always win


You came into this world

With open eyes and innocence

and betrothed to introduction

to a world that’s choked by fence

separating all the races

and the women come in last

‘cause the men are dominating

And they mostly cum too fast

It’s a world so full of hatred

Quite a sin to bring you here

Where the rich man owns your feelings

And the poor man feeds your fear

Where you’ll suffer every failure

And you’ll endure every hurt

You were mother’s precious baby

since your daddy’s little squirt

learn to cherish every moment

learn to teach from your mistake

show the world you’re not a failure

bend the rules until they break

always watch the silent prowler

always shun the noisy crowd

and don’t miss the chance for greatness

lend your voice and sing out loud

make them hear you in their castles

shake their walls with every word

and don’t spare the epic chorus

when their rules become absurd

Serial Prize

Experimental suffering

The ropes, they burn

The blade ,she stings

The flesh, it cuts

The blood, it flows

The organs fail

And no one knows

The body rots

Beneath the soil

A million years?

A spot of oil

To future failed


But for the moment

You and me

I felt the need

You fit the bill

I questioned all

I slipped the pill

And loosened tongue

Allowed my joy

To overflow

My newest toy

Your eyes, they watch

My every move

But I won’t stop

I’ve hit my groove

I must enjoy this

While I may

The headlines coming

Any day

Will let all know

I’m still around

Beware your children

Mask your sound

Steer clear the woods

For trees ignore

The killer’s dance

The fallen whore

The funeral feast

The falling tears

Till my return

Enjoy your fears


The pipes are clogged

The wheels are stuck

No reason why

I’d give a fuck

To start again

Stare down defeat

It’s not been fun

It’s not been neat

This writer’s life

Of cat and mouse

I spit the words

Throughout the house

And echoed rhyme

On deaf ears fall

I took the chance

And missed the call

But wait, the call?

It never came

Oh, woe is me

A crying shame

This wordsmith fate

Not like before

The cliquish few

The hidden door

I won’t hold back

To spare your soul

This generation’s

Stripper pole

So take your turn

Just mind your grip

This slippery game

Of just the tip

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