Splatterpunk Awards!

It’s time to send in those Splatterpunk Award recommendations! Send in your recommendations in the Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Short Story, Best Collection, and Best Anthology categories to SPLATTERPUNKAWARDS@GMAIL.COM You only have until February 14. Starving Zoe for best novella? Yes Please!

Texas Injustice Update

1/23/21 – Texas Injustice, the upcoming Netflix documentary covering the controversial North Texas murders of Dennis and Norma Woodruff, has found a producer! Directed by Scott Poggensee and written by C. Derick Miller, the project has now found its financial backing as well. Already a two hour documentary film directed by Poggensee, the Netflix series will go deeper into the mysteries of the fifteen year old tragedy. More info will be released as it’s allowed.

Until then, check out the first season of the American Justice podcast, hosted by Scott Poggensee and C. Derick Miller, which is dedicated to the case!


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