My childhood just came home for a visit!!!

Dragon’s Lair Replicade Unboxing!

My wife was able to snag me a Dragon’s Lair Replicade! They’re Limited Edition and Sold Out! If you’re an arcade kid from the 80’s, you’ll love this. If you’re not, then just keep on scrolling…

P.S. – this video comes complete with our messy dining room table and my five year old performing play by play.


Ted Cruz T Shirt!

Cruz is the Zodiac! Get yours at!

First Interview Of 2021

First Interview of the New Year! The audio is a little messed up for the first few minutes but we get it worked out.

Random Madness 1.10.21

Random Madness! That’s basically what social media is, right? I’ve promised to keep my opinions off of social media (for the most part). Instead, I will post them to my website! You have to do some extra clicking to get here so, if you get triggered…it’s because you tried. This is everything I would’ve posted to social media today. Enjoy the show!


6 words to live by. Bitch ass cats don’t get cheese. Respect.

Ok. The Banana Splits Movie is worth it for the gore alone!

Can you figure out the password?

I’m tired of riding the fence because I’m a half assed public-ish figure. I’m taking a stand again. See above menu for details.

The best thing about a new vehicle? Free satellite radio! Hair Nation! It’s like age 16 frozen in time.

There are a dozen new Star Wars rumors everyday. None of them come true. Ever. Can we nerds please have our saga back? Mainstream sucks.

Have you figured out my ANTIFA password yet? Is it driving you crazy?

Remember remember the 6th of January, that fat fucking cheeto, whose hair piece is legendary, a terrorist with alien wife, so scary! Remember remember the 6th of January…

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