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“If you take my birthname (Chad Dereick Miller) and rearrange the letters, it spells “Childlike Dreamer” with a pesky “C” leftover. There are quite a few people in this world who can tell you what that “C” stands for…”

C. Derick Miller (Chad Dereick Cloud-Miller) Is An Award Winning Texas Author, Podcaster, Actor, Producer, Freelance Journalist, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Poet, Ordained Minister, Paranormal Investigator, Independent Dallas Art Consultant, Retro Arcade Gamer, Hair Metal Lover, Snake Enthusiast, Vintage Steam Locomotive Fireman, Guitar Novice, Army Veteran, & Braggart!

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“Chad is a believer and an adventurer looking for answers to questions that most people dare not ask. He looks for these answers in dark places that most of society steers clear of. In order to share certain experiences and supernatural insights, Chad has chosen to travel along a paranormal path that is safer during the day but far more interesting at night. Enjoy the ride.”

Del James, Author of ‘The Language Of Fear’ and manager for Guns N Roses
Winner – 2020 Splatterpunk Anthology Of The Year
“And Hell Followed”
Winner – 2011 Reader’s Favorite
“A Taste Of Home”
Please feel free to contact me regarding books, films, podcasts, appearances, or to schedule a wedding. I’ll even entertain a personal question or two from time to time. Thank you for your continued support. Keep Believing! – C.

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