Silver Lining

First of all, thanks to everyone for the outpouring of support I received yesterday. 99.9% of you thought I was wrongfully terminated and stand tall against the type of artistic repression in which I’ve been targeted. Cancel culture is alive and well in Arlington, Texas.

I’m going to be taking a bit of a mini vacation to clear my head. I need to do some soul searching to determine if this is even worth pursuing. Many, many lawyers seem to believe I have an incredibly strong case here, but what would I accomplish? The person targeting me has NOTHING. No money, no belongings, and no soul. It would be impossible to hurt them in any way. It would just play into their narcissistic cry for attention. The Tik Tok account – four days old with three friends – has now been deleted. They accomplished their mission by getting me fired from my dream job. I’ve already been offered chances by other heritage railroads to fulfill my dream. Basically, all they did was cost me gas money since these railroads aren’t nearby. No biggie. I got gas money for days.

Since being targeted by someone who didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to even use their real name in their convictions and being cancelled by the Six Flags corporation, my novella in question, Starving Zoe, has jumped in sales tremendously. It is now officially my first work to hit triple digits in its reviews and ratings on Amazon. In the end, I guess I’ve inadvertently traded one dream for another. This novella will forever be known as “The Story Too Sick for Six Flags”. I’ll wear that badge proudly.

Still, after everything, I would take my job back in a heartbeat. I would even do it without pay. I love my trains, my railroad family, and the guests who loved me in return. Someone was kind enough to gift me a season pass to the park so I will still be there quite a bit in spirit.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of the indie horror industry and my work. There are more exciting things to come…

And better days ahead.



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