A Podcast Without A Name S1E2

B.L. Blankenship proudly presents: The Podcast Without A Name! The #1 Western Horror/Splatter Western/Weird West/Southern Gothic Podcast On The Rootin’ Tootin’ Planet, Dagnabit! This episode? Chuck Buda!


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  1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

    For those y’all reading this comment on this blog, I (B. L. Blankenship – Western Horror Author, Aficionado, etc) am happy to be working with my friend & fellow horror author “C. Dereck Miller” (who quite frankly has far too many accreditations and accolades that he’s racked up over the last 20 years to list in a post without it be quite long).

    Essentially, he is the distributor for Season 1. My aim in writing Western Horror fiction (besides selling my books) since I published my first dual novel in 2020 is to knit the Weird West/Western Horror/Horror Western/SplatterWestern/Southern Gothic community together. People that don’t know too much about it say unenlightened things like “its niche”, when actually – it’s not. Western Horror is a sub-sect of the subgenre Weird West and is quite likely the most prominent part of the subgenre. The list of books, comics/graphic novels, video games, and movies attributed to this smaller piece of the general horror market is substantial.

    Beyond this specific interview with Chuck Buda, I was also happy to be on the first-ever “WESTERN HORROR ROUND TABLE” podcast discussion with him & Joe R. Lansdale. *Special thanks to Reader’s Labyrinth for hosting that. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZWihrnvzwc&t=5s”

    There are 8-hateful episodes in this first season. The man, the myth, the legend “C. Dereck Miller” himself is the special guest on next week’s episode 3, cause anything else would be wrong… just plain wrong. It’s an episode that’s bigger than Texas; filled with excitement – and profanity. In it, you’ll find out why some of his readers love his books so much that they’d go to prison in defense of them – amidst other things…

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