Daily Poll

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

My true middle name is spelled “Dereick” and pronounced “Dreek”. Because Mom, I think.






4 responses to “Daily Poll”

  1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

    Well, as any of the Western Horror readers who aren’t already aware might presume, the B. L. in B. L. Blankenship stands for Benjamin Lee. My middle-name was actually given to me in honor of the Southern icon “General Robert E. Lee.” My mother (who was born in Harlan, Kentucky” also considered driving down south to deliver me so that I’d be born in God’s Country. People reading this post should thereby note that it is somewhat tragic that I took my first breath inside Flower Hospital; Toledo, Ohio (1981). I grew up in the suburbs, moved to Rockwood, Tennessee when I was about 12-14 (1993-1995). …There was a little back and forth. My dad worked for General Motors/Hydromatic. Hopefully, that more than answers that question. Knowing your love for arcade games, I will also tell you what you did not ask – there was a place called MAJOR MAGIC’S that I loved as a kid. It was the same type of thing as Chuck-e-Cheese only far better. Lest you wonder, actress Katie Holmes went to school just a little ways from me in Toledo. In Rockwood, actress Megan Fox was a few grades behind me.

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    1. C. Derick Miller Avatar

      I went to high school with the lead singer from the Christian rock band Mercy Me. Contrary to popular belief, he was a bully rich kid. His Hollywood movie memoirs claim the opposite.


      1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

        That’s interesting. It was a great movie. Presumably, he was perpetuating the ugliness that he was shown. The terrible & sad ways that my dad acts made me want to be nothing like him from a young age & even more so as time carried on.

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      2. C. Derick Miller Avatar

        He came from money and everyone loved him at school. Maybe his parents were shit.


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