Daily Poll

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

Is it in? It’s self-explanatory.






4 responses to “Daily Poll”

  1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

    Man, this is like the most heated question yet. I’ll give you a few. In specific relation to me they’d be:

    “How’s the church doing?”
    “How many people go there?”
    “Is ___ still coming to your church?”
    “What happened?”

    When people ask questions to act like they care, but obviously don’t care enough to actively be there for us in some capacity – it would be better if they said nothing, regardless of the subject matter. *Also, when something is devastatingly hurtful – nobody wants to relive it by hashing it out to someone that wasn’t/isn’t even there for us.

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    1. C. Derick Miller Avatar

      That’s a good answer. People are inherently nosey for all the wrong reasons


  2. Lacey Aishman Avatar
    Lacey Aishman

    How will your kids be ready for the real world, office 9-5 job, if they don’t go to public school? I don’t want them to settle for a 9-5 office job…

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    1. C. Derick Miller Avatar

      Hunt County public schools lead to one of four places. Repeated church mandated pregnancies, Meth Tawakoni, living and dying at ESystems/Raytheon/L3, or Texas A&M Commerce. Dream bigger, kids. There’s a whole big world out there.


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