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The Gonzo Journals

March 5th, 2023

Happy Sunday morning to all my gonzo guys and gals out there in internet land. I hope you’re having a beautiful time so far. The North Texas weather where I am is absolutely gorgeous!

I spent all day yesterday as the fireman of the General Sam Houston – the last operating Dickson Works steam locomotive on the planet – at Six Flags Over Texas. It was a balmy 90 degrees above that roaring fire, but it’s my happy place. As a perk, I was invited to an employee party after hours to experience the park’s newest coaster.

The Aquaman Powerwave is a rollercoaster/water ride hybrid that takes you up to a height of 148 feet reaching speeds of 63mph. It is a launch coaster with both forward and backward launches. The splashdown afterward was both epic and refreshing after a long day of railroading. Here’s a video of the ride in operation:

Most people complain about the three-year delay from the original announcement, but don’t comprehend the hardships it endured. First of all, this ride was announced just before the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, which set the entire world back three years. Next, Six Flags Over Texas wanted to add a turntable to the ride for simultaneous loading and launching. The manufacturer, Mack Rides of Germany, did not have a turntable in the original plans so adjustments had to be invented. Unfortunately, Facebookers in thrill park groups have zero chill.

I normally don’t do water rides because I hate walking around in wet clothing. I’m a bigger boy, and a day worth of chaffed thighs is a nightmare. Still, I knew I’d be going straight home after the ride, so it was no big deal.

The first backward launch is fun as it gives you a taste of the ride’s layout. You descend the first spire and are immediately launched forward at a notable speed increase. The backward drop on the second spire gives some great floater airtime.

The third and final launch backward really picks up speed, allowing some fun ejector airtime over the hump leading to the third and final 90-degree spire climb. There’s a nice bit of floater airtime as you stare straight down at the inevitable splash pool below. The rest of the ride is self-explanatory after that. Do you like water?

This is by far the best water ride Six Flags Over Texas has ever offered the public and easily my third favorite ride in the entire park behind RMC’s original conversion of The New Texas Giant and the Titan. The line moves smoothly as well as operation.

The ride isn’t even officially open to the public until March 11th and they’re still chasing a few bugs out of the system. I was honored to get an early ride on this new coaster and can’t wait to hear the general public’s opinion on this North American exclusive splash coaster. If you come check it out during Spring Break, say hello to the chubby, short dude in overalls with the epic beard. He’ll either be sitting in the cab of the locomotive sweating or on the back of the train with a microphone telling dad jokes.



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