Here Comes The Boom…

The Gonzo Journals

February 28th, 2023

Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch – the HEAD of Fox News – admitted UNDER OATH that his network spread lies and misinformation about the 2020 election. When asked why he would do such a dishonest and damaging thing, he replied that it’s never about red or blue, but ALWAYS about the color green. Money, in other words. He spread lies to the American people and supported a DEADLY insurrection for money. Now, he’s trying to throw his FOX anchors under the bus saying it was their decision to do so, not the stance of the network itself.

If you’re one of those people who believed Fox news about election fraud and supported Donald Trump and his MAGA Klan in Tucker Carlson’s 2020 wet dream, scroll down and read below. If you’re one of those people with common sense who never believed what those idiots were saying, you might want to stop reading now.

I’ll wait…

You dumb fucking bastards. You supported the downfall of our democracy because you never had the ability or want to do your own goddamn research. Instead, you slurped through the Fox News glory hole, alienating friends, family, and general common sense.

Some of you personally attacked me and mine when we tried to speak sensibly to you. You accused us of stealing elections, spreading misinformation, and supporting ANTIFA – which isn’t even a real organization – and the deep state. You accused us of supporting pedophiles and satanists because we knew there was absolutely nothing wrong. You chose the ramblings of professional liars and insurrectionists over the honest begging of those who loved you.

You supported the shouts of racists and hate mongers because they appealed to your simple rural upbringing. Of course, they did. They knew what they were doing. They targeted your demographic because they knew the most ignorant among you would pick up their torches and pitchforks and head to Washington at the beck and call of the biggest idiot to date. Who cares that he was our president? Anyone can be if you convince enough imbeciles to vote for them. The guy is a reality television star and a crook. He was so many potential charges against him now that he’s destined to go down in the history books as one of the biggest criminals in American history!

Worst of all, you did it all in the name of your god. You mixed Bibles and criminal behavior as though they were fuck buddies. No, I’m not a Christian anymore – my own family made damn sure of that when they had me officially excommunicated in 2005 – but I’d NEVER push lies and anarchy while hiding behind my god. NEVER. The last three years have been nothing but disgusting rhetoric and extreme misinformation preached at the highest levels and spread by those who the American people were supposed to trust.

I’ve seen kids at Six Flags wearing MAGA shirts and shirts proclaiming the 2020 election was stolen. Children!!! I’ve seen entire families ripped to shreds over impossible scenarios concocted by Rupert Murdoch’s empire of falsities. Worst of all, I’ve seen elderly Republicans go to their grave while involved in family disagreements based on the lies of FOX NEWS and the MAGA Klan. There can be no apologies there. Those people must live on for decades knowing they missed out on their loved one’s remaining years from a lie born for nothing more than capital gain! A fucking lie!

I personally lost so many friends due to their belief in a stolen 2020 election. One of those friends had been one of my closest brothers since the 7th grade. He and his went the QANON route and prayed on bended knee to the FOX NEWS gods and their wicked, twisted ways. Whenever I tried to step in with logic, I was shot down with propaganda. Now that bond is lost forever. Why? Because some rich people supported a rich person and made poor people like you and me believe they were in your corner. You fell for it. I tried to help you be reasonable, but you fell for it. I’m not even going to rant about the close family members I had to turn my back on for the sake of my own sanity.

The real lies are coming into the light now, but we’ll never know them all. Yes, I’m certain the Democrats and Biden have lied as well but none of those lies or exaggerations have affected me personally or affected my relationships with friends and family. Most importantly, no one had died from storming the Capitol at the hands of Joe Biden. Not like Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch did. Our country is forever divided because Fox News wanted to make money. Those words came out of the mouth of their owner while he was under oath. WHILE HE WAS UNDER OATH!

This seriously makes me want to cry. I miss some of you so much. What made you believe the lies of people you’d never met – and wouldn’t acknowledge you even if you had – over those who loved you? Did our time together as brothers mean nothing?

Enjoy the hell destined to follow. Enjoy the downfall of Donald Trump, the MAGA Klan, and the Fox News empire. One day at a time, the truth is chipping away at the dried bullshit you believed and supported rather than doing a simple Google search for truth. Google is free and in your pocket. You took the easy path, bet our lifelong bond, and lost.

Eat re-heated dicks, you poon fucks.

You hurt me.

I’m not easily hurt.

I’m not going to preach about the publisher who turned his back on me, sabotaged my breakout novella, and personally attacked my wife because he believed the vomit spewing from his crazed television.

I’m not even going to bother making this post all pretty and eye pleasing with photographs and graphics. My words should be enough.

You hurt me.


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