Daily Poll

If you had the power to change one law, what would it be and why?

Too easy. Legalize weed. Why? Why not?






One response to “Daily Poll”

  1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

    It’s a difficult question. Changing one thing would mean changing a lot of things. It’d create a butterfly effect. *Laws aren’t in effect because of the best of people, but the worst. In an ideal world, there’d be no posted speed limits. Signs would simply read, “Thank you for being courteous.” It’d be a world where people would let you in when you signaled that you were getting over, people would speed up or slow down on the on/off ramp to flow with traffic, trucks & cars wouldn’t try to run you off of the road when you were getting on it. It’d be a world devoid of people who could be given money “to help them” & then be in the same situation or worse shortly thereafter.

    Once upon a time, I thought about how it’d be nice to live in a communal society. Imagine it. You could have a nicer house and better things because you’re sharing the cost. Howbeit, that fails to take into account that people aren’t courteous/considerate to one another. You’d be trying to sleep and one of your cohabiters could care less. People would take and not replenish what they took. Laws often exist because they have to. Look at how people act online. People will give negative reviews to books they’ve not read – when that isn’t the point of a book review (particularly if it is clear what it is and needs no further explanation of that).
    The truth is that there are always consequences to the decisions that any of us make. Some don’t get that. They burn every bridge and then panhandle to complete strangers — Not to relegate every case to that. Still, that is a commonality. Things rarely all fall apart in a day; even though sometimes they do.

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