Daily Poll

Do you need a break? From what?

Ironic that this question is asked because I’ve been writing about it all week. Yes, I need a break! From social media, notifications, and technology. It’s additional stress and negativity in a world built on stress and negativity. I need to recall silence.





4 responses to “Daily Poll”

  1. Zamya Avatar

    Me too! But it’s kind of my job so I don’t see a break happening in the future. I really like your bio “writing isn’t dead, we are” which is technically true.

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    1. C. Derick Miller Avatar

      Thank you! I’ve removed social media from my phone and I’m working on weeding through consumer emails to lower my number of notifications. Wish me luck!

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  2. Marlene's Deals Avatar

    I hear ya, but…it’s where I promote so I kinda have to be on all the sites…every day….all day. LOL 😏

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  3. Forest of Words Avatar
    Forest of Words

    Take the break…give your brain an infusion of your imagination inspired by quiet, thoughtful contemplation…. or just daydream!

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