The Evening Experiment

I’m going to take a quick scroll through my Facebook account to see what I can see. I won’t give details or call names, just a very vague description of the post. Trust me, I have over 1300 people contributing to my feed. This is all leading somewhere.

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  1. Someone’s shitty new tattoo.
  2. An author bitching about another author.
  3. An ad
  4. A meme about arguing on social media posted by someone who argues regularly on social media.
  5. A video of people fighting at an airport that’s probably staged.
  6. A meme giving a fake interpretation of a road sign that was kind of funny when it was first posted ten years ago.
  7. An author advertising his own wares.
  8. An ad.
  9. A church newsletter.
  10. An unfunny sexual innuendo meme.
  11. An ad.
  12. An ad.
  13. An ad.
  14. A fake click bait article.
  15. An author advertising his own wares.
  16. An ad.
  17. A dude complaining about how he can’t get laid.
  18. A political meme.
  19. Someone complaining about social media etiquette who fails to follow social media etiquette regularly.
  20. An ad.

Do I need to continue or is 20 enough? We purposely subject ourselves to narcissism, negativity, and consumerism all day long. Why? Did you really want to see that rando’s shitty tattoo? Do you really want to be in the middle of a lame literary argument? Do you really plan to buy something from one of those ads or a book from one of those authors? The answers are no, no, and no. Do I need to even inquire about the person who can’t get laid? If he’s advertising this information on social media, chances are no one’s going to fuck him on Facebook either. Then again, stranger things have happened.

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Is it any wonder why modern society has reverted to a cave man mentality? If we can’t eat it, we fight it. If we can’t fight it, we fuck it. If we can’t fuck it, we kill it. I can’t remember who explained this to me as a younger man but pretty much everything falls into that category. It was probably my grandfather. He had an odd way of looking at things. He also used to throw the “N” word around quite a bit, so he wasn’t the best person in the world in which to accept advice. Still, you get my point. People are pissed off constantly thus the massive increase of mass shootings. Why are they constantly pissed off? See the 20 examples above.

Television, social media, and talk radio (let’s face it, music all went streaming a long time ago) are full of nothing but negativity. We can’t even escape it in a bathroom break because we bring our phones with us. Chances are, you’re dropping a deuce while you’re reading this! Can we just go back to searching the ingredients on the shampoo bottle while we take a shit? That shampoo bottle doesn’t hate us, doesn’t have shitty tattoos, and doesn’t want to have sex with us. That last part is questionable, though. Some of those shampoo bottles are made into conveniently suggestive shapes.

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On that note, what in the fuck is social media etiquette and where can I locate the bullet points of such nonsense?

Kill the body and the head will die.



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