Daily Poll

How does death change your perspective?

WTF kind of question is this? Does a bot come up with this shit?

Please, help me trash this stupid question lol.





One response to “Daily Poll”

  1. B. L. Blankenship Avatar

    If this question is asking if I have ever been in a room with someone who is quite literally dying, YES.

    If it is asking if I have ever eulogized individuals, both as a service to others, who I attended church with, that I worked with, and that were dear to me, YES.

    It is different when you or I as a writer is writing about something that we know. My feeling is that emotional matters are especially that way. People lacking empathy don’t make good writers. To be able to pull people in and feel something matters. It makes reading a book, or watching a film/play/show worthwhile. There are things that I don’t have to imagine or makeup. I know exactly what they’re like…

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