Daily Poll

List five things you do for fun.

Play 80’s Arcade Games, Watch Horror Films, Ride Rollercoasters, Help Drive A 120+ Year Old Steam Locomotive, and Sam.






4 responses to “Daily Poll”

  1. spwilcen Avatar

    1 Write, 2 Read, 3 Leap tall buildings, 4 babysit the grands, 5 hassle liberals

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    1. C. Derick Miller Avatar

      Buy I’m a liberal lol. Thanks for commenting. You rock.

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      1. spwilcen Avatar

        I’ve nothing against liberals per se, it’s close-minded liberals [and conservatives] who appeal to me worthy of torment. Liberals lately seem easier targets.

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      2. C. Derick Miller Avatar

        Both sides distract us with bait for race wars and party separation so we won’t initiate the inevitable class war on the horizon. My opinion of course.

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