Complaint Department

Just putting this out into the universe:

If you have a problem with something I write here:

Do – Comment directly so we can get down to business.

Don’t- Bash me on a social media platform you know I don’t associate with. It’s cowardly and ultimately undermines your quest to inflate your own balls. My website clearly displays which social media platforms I subscribe to. Twitter is not one of them.

Ultimately, my website is NOT social media. My rules. Don’t come here if you disagree.




One response to “Complaint Department”

  1. spwilcen Avatar

    Dude! No fun to “bash” on social platforms. Much better to meet mano-a-mano, giving you a shot at redirect. Elsewise how Imma gonna learn? I know the rules, your house, your football, so imma play nice, respectable. Which don’t mean we gotta allus agree. Hell, I’ll like something I don’t agree with, reading, digesting, and allus looking to learn; I know I ain’t the sharpest arrow in the quiver.

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