10 More Things I Wanted To Say On Facebook (but didn’t)

1. I know quite a few people who believe Biden is the biggest idiot on the planet and I believe that they believe they are correct. Most idiots can smell their own…

2. Noise cancelling headphones on to shut out the world. Shawn Mullins

@mullinsshawn serenading the adventure. Fingers to keys. Stories to write and characters to kill. Let’s do this…

3. Biden fell off his bike and Fox News can’t stop making fun of him. It’s no longer about the news. It’s party bullying, plain and simple.

4. Remember when Kid Rock was an anti cop rapper and super liberal? Now he is butt buddies with Trump and Tucker Carlson and thinks he’s a country singer. Be who you want to be, just don’t be fake.

5. Dingos are the Australian version of CPS.

6. What did I accomplish today? A new chapter in the upcoming novel, an hour at the gym, weekly grocery shopping, kitchen cleaned, laundry put away, and an hour strumming on the acoustic. Now it’s Kenobi and green chile stew time! Why so much? Rollercoaster Friday approacheth…


Crackhead @ 7/11: “You think you got big balls because you have a gun (she saw a Cimarron Firearms sticker on my truck)
Me: Guns don’t control balls. Balls control guns. Ever heard of Uvalde, TX PD?”

8. IMO: any woman who met yesterday’s SCOTUS decision with “praise the lord” is being held hostage beneath the thumb cock of some dude who’s made it too financially difficult to leave or physically/mentally/religiously beaten them into submission. Prove me wrong.

9. I’m going to the river where I have no phone service. I’m not sure which one of us this blessing is aimed at.

10. To be continued on Twitter. They can handle me there…


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