10 More Things I Wanted To Say On Facebook (but didn’t)

1. Kyle Rittenhouse posted a video of himself having what seemed like a good time at my home gun range in Dallas. The staff appeared to be having a wonderful time as well. That being said, I will never grace the doors of my home gun range again. Murderers shouldn’t be media celebs.

2. OK, @BishopArtsDist , you’re the best! I picked ten random businesses to place flyers for the upcoming first annual Texas Author Conference and NO ONE said “No”. I also spent a total of $50 on random things in the stores but that’s how this works, right? You got me, I got you.

3. I changed my last name when I got married three years ago. To me, forcing a girl to take a man’s name is outdated and borderline slavery. My true last name is now Cloud-Miller. SS and DL changed with minimal issues? Passport? Nope. Straight up State Dept bullshit!

4. I see some authors shitting all over Black Rose Writing for being “Pay To Play”. Let’s face reality: since the invention of social media, MOST publishers are “Pay To Play”. Kill the head and the body dies. Change the industry.

5. I went to the richie rich fitness center today in a KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park t shirt. Kneel.

6. Date night! Jan 6th trials and explaining big words to Facebook simpletons! So romantic!

7. Wasn’t enjoying the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead until Ken Foree had his cameo. I guess that’s all I needed lol

8. Gluten free pizza and non-alcoholic beer for some Jan 6 hearing snacks. Fake ass pizza and fake ass beer for this fake ass dog and pony show. As much as I want it, I don’t think anyone will be punished. Change my mind, America. Please change my mind.

9. Most people I personally know who argue politics on social media aren’t registered to vote or lost that right when they grabbed a felony dope charge. Solution? I should probably just stay the fuck off social media.

10. Trial Day 2. Republi-cons are already coming up with excuses not to testify. Someone’s wife was in labor. I don’t believe it. There’s definitely some throbbing going on, but I doubt very seriously it had anything to do with a baby coming…


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