“A Book Without A Name” On Paperback

A Book Without A Name

The 19th Century was a bitterly cruel time in American history. President Abraham Lincoln waged an ongoing war across the seceding South that would inevitably kill a higher percentage of Americans than any war to date. Thereafter, the proud people of this fallen Confederacy would be diminished, written off as traitors, and oppressed beneath the heel of the occupying military as Dixie’s cities lied in ruins. The self-avowed infidel, spiritualist, Marxist Abraham Lincoln would thereafter be deified as some manner of quasi-divine political god.

    Outlaws would rise up to rob Federal Banks, as the United States Government still pursued its unyielding plans to purge the Indigenous people of North America from the face of the Earth. All of this was but a portion of the Hell that would be turned loose upon the Earth during the 1800s. Within the pages of this book, you’ll journey far and wide into the vast expanse that is the sub-genre known as Western Horror.

    Be advised, that this book contains extremely violent material. 

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