The Confederado

The Reverend Reviews

First thing out the gate, I have NO idea who this person is. As a producer, I receive raw footage and assist with the production. I just want to help the man or woman out because they’re funny!!! He/she has given me permission to share them on my website. Enjoy! – C. Derick Miller

Welcome, my children, to The Reverend Reviews! I am your host Reverend Gaude Awful, and I’m going to take you on a journey through darkness, horror, and the macabre. Indie or Mainstream, books, and films, I’ll do my best to steer you toward the gems and away from the mundane. Be warned. Although I shall judge with fairness, I will not be bribed by the opinions of the masses. Thus is the gift of the mask. Anonymity reigns in the shadows. I am a preacher of darkness and a teller of tales. Let the mysteries be spun and the creators judged. The Reverend has spoken…


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